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Image: 2014 winner, “Restoring the Atleo River”, By Mark Wyatt

FilmConvert Cinematography Competition 2014 Winners

1st Place: Restoring the Atleo River

By Mark Wyatt

“It captures the look and soul of film not only through its stylishly consistent filmic imagery, but also through a story and character that reminds us of the beautiful inconvenience of analogue film, a creative process that could lead to cinematic perfection which we might very well have lost along the way to digital.”
- Sebastian Wöber

2nd Place: The Maasai Mara from above

By Arnold Kopff

“The colours and compositions of this piece felt magical and had a cinematic power it took me away and reminded me of what filmic cinematography should be about.”
- Sebastian Wöber

3rd Place: The Partisan

By Jevgenij Tichonov

“Well crafted expressive short. Enjoyed the accurate filmic grading and creative shooting choices that made this piece stand out.”
- Sebastian Wöber