Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost is a short film inspired by the Yemen refugee issue in Jeju island.

Paradise can often be associated with a place of exceptional happiness and delight, and I am sure every day each one of us at some point during the day scrolls through their Instagram feed searching for the perfect vacation spot, and our own piece of paradise, where we can escape from all our troubles and the realities that surround us.

Since the Yemeni refugees arrived on Jeju in April and May 2018, they have clearly found it difficult to integrate into the society but they are trying their best to fit in.
We question the idea of what does paradise means.
Is a place of beauty or is it something as simple as having a place to live?

This short film was produced just 24 hours after another Saudi-led airstrike bombs down on a school bus killing at least 29 children.

During filming one of the refugees, we met told us, “When I heard the news about the airstrike (on the 9th August) it was too p

By Neil Philip George

Sony A7R2

FJ Velvia 100

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