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Canon 6D, FJ Velv 100
Zach Michael - Chapter Two (FilmConvert)

I met Zach back in LA for a brief moment and when I flew out to Nashville for my buddy Taylor. I got to hang out and spend an entire day with Zach and we ended up filming this video.

Here's a video to introduce you to Zach Michael's Chapter Two -- His upcoming EP.

New beginning. Chapter Two.

(Special thanks to Julia Sinclair)

Filmed with Canon 6D | Directed By: Mark Linsangan

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By Mark Linsangan
Panasonic GH5, KD P400 Ptra
Zade Film Co - A New York Wedding Elopement

I recently headed out to NYC to film a wedding elopement and it did not disappoint. A fantastic day capturing Hayley & James' special day as it unfolded. A beautiful bridal preparation location overlooking Central Park with the ceremony being held also in Central Park.

By Zade Cross
Canon C100 w/ Atomos Ninja, Kd 5213 Vis3
ZED - Please - Music Video Filmconvert

Artist: ZED
Album: Desperation Blues
Track: Please
Director: Paul Aspuria
Production Company: Film Antics

Band Links:

Production Company:

By Paul Aspuria
Canon 5D Mark III, KD 5213 Vis3

a girl being told what to do by everyone around her takes a leap of faith on her own feelings

By Louis Cox
Sony a7S III, KD TMx 100
Zero Likes

In a world where we're more connected and more alone than ever before, one man tries to change his life.

By Jason Roberts
Alexa Mini, KD 5207 Vis3
Zetetics - Even Tonight

In Even tonight water should feel like a cold, strange and unfamiliar environment. Being underwater is a struggle, under the water, there is nowhere to run. The music video as well the song tells us a story about self-acceptance, which may be extremely hard but is absolutely vital. There is this great inner power, a true belief, a knowledge within you that you just have to accept however painful it is. So you take this brave step under the water to face your own truth.

By Oleh Teteriatnyk
5d Mark 3, KD 5207 Vis3

A short and personal film about the birth of our son, our endless love and the way I think that God looks at us. Don't forget to use the subtitles, the video is in Dutch. English subs are added. Its my submission for the FilmConvert competition. Filmed with the 5d Mark 3 in Raw (ML). #filmconvert

By Gerbert Floor
Sony FDR-X3000, KD 5207 Vis3
Zipline Short FilmConvert Vlog - by Tatay (dad) and Lucas

Recently I was issued with a PWD card (Person With Disability), I didn't have that before. It's an orthopedic disability, but it won't stop me from telling good stories. Watch our story, my son Lucas and I.

By Lexian Avestruz
Marian Hirschfeld, Kamil Hertwig, FJ 8543 VD
ZipZap - From Cape Towns Streets to the Circus

The Nongovernmental Organization “ZipZap: Inspiring kids for life” offeres kids a new home, a meaning and a place to live and learn. For many kids this means the way from the barracks to the big stages. However, the over twothousand kids and youngsters stem from different social strata and are affected from different pasts. In ZipZap they are all equal and have same chance to enter the circus family. This was the case for Aviwe, who came to the circus school as a youngster and returned home after years, saying “Now I am feeling like I am going into the right direction. ZipZap changed my life”.

By Marian Hirschfeld
Kryštof Zvolánek, FJ SuperX 400
Zlin design week

Spot for Zlín Design Week. Big thanks to teachers, and students of Multimedia and Design for cooperation! Filmed during 18 shooting days(thank you wheather!) on my old daddy Canon 5D mkIII mlraw; Panasonic HDC-TM700 and Olympus XA-2, Fomapan 400 Action. Graded together using Filmconvert Pro.

By Kryštof Zvolánek
iPhone 6, KD TrX 400
ZOO Desire and Burden

Clip to accompany editorial in ZOO Magazine

By Schenk
Red One Mx, KD 5207 Vis3
Zorkk - Ausnahmezustand

I produced this crazy musicvideo as a funproject on the side. I directed, edited & starred in the musicvideo, as well as written and performed the music. We got my old Red One Mx and shot for two nights with a bunch of friends in freezing cold weather. Everything is graded with filmconvert.

By Timo Sonnenschein
Black Magic cinema 2.5k with Tiffen filters, FJ 8543 VD
Zulu "The right end"

It was supposed to be a normal day under the sun of Venice, Los Angeles... Music video by Zulu Label / Artist : Boomber Records / ZULU Production house : Studio Supreme Director : Olivier Hero Dressen DOP : Richard Kendall DOP second unit (desert) : O H. Dressen Producer & Stylist : Luca Buzas Go visit :

By Olivier Dressen
Sony F5, FJ 8553 ET, IL D400
Zyion "OIAM"

New video for Ziyon "OIAM" (one in a million)

I Directed, DP'd, lit, operated, edited, composited, post FX and coloured the video, with assistance from my lovely wife Candice Lee Campos (She came up with the concept, assisted the shoot and the edit. She is amazing.)

All graded with FilmConvert in Premiere Pro CC 2014 (which is a first, as I usually use Resolve for colouring)
Colour shots using FilmConvert FJ 8553 ET
Black & white shots using FilmConvert IL D400

Shot Sony F5 with 2k OLPF (optical low pass filter)
Slog3 Sgamut3.cine
Nikon 17mm-55mm F2.8

By Justin Campos
Canon 600d, KD 5207 Vis3
ГОНКА ГЕРОЕВ. 19 сентября 2015 года

19 сентября 2015 года в подмосковном Алабино проходило мероприятие "Гонка героев",организованное при поддержке министерства обороны Российской федерации.В мероприятии приняла участие команда выпускников и студентов РГУ Нефти и Газа под названием - "Сталь"!

Canon 600d,sigma 30 mm
Graded with FilmConvert

By Maxim Mikheev
Sony a7s II, FJ 8543 VD
город которого нет

Color: Filmconvert

By rustam
Panasonic GH4, Kd 5213 Vis3
Іван та Ліза

Авторське відео від студії Boroda Cinema.
Деталі за телефоном 099-056-55-36
vk -
Facebook - /
Instagram - borodacinema
graded with Filmconvert Pro

By Ivan Morarash
Panasonic GH4, Ilford Delta 400
Марина Тимофійчук - Я не дозволю вбивати...

Автор тексту та музики - Марина Тимофійчук.
-Слова і музика народилися на Майдані. Сюжет кліпу виник вже зараз, під час війни.
Сам текст пісні надрукований в обох виданнях антології майданівських віршів «Небесна сотня»

Автор ідеї/Режисер - Олександр Ткачук.
-Нещодавно повернувся зі сходу країни, де охороняв кордон. Над кліпом працював у період відпустки, і за кілька днів після зйомок повернувся на схід, щоб продовжити службу.

Оператор - Іван Морараш.
-Завдяки своєму професіоналізму зняв і змонтував кліп менш ніж за добу.

слова пісні:
Не чекай добра
де кривава гра
де криваві пішаки
там криваві королі
нам диктують рабські ролі.

Але я не раб

By Ivan Morarash
Sonya7s2, KD P400 Ptra

Shot on Sony A7S II. Lenses: Sony Carl Zeiss Vario-Tessar T* 24-70mm f/4 ZA OSS, Sigma AF 50mm f/1.4 + Сommlite. Color : Filmconvert Thanks for watching

By rustam
canon 6d, Ilford D400
Тень / Shadow

neo-expressionist silent short movie about the photographer and the shadow

color correction was made with FilmConvert

2015, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

By Emile Khafizov
Panasonic gx80, FJ Ast 100

It was an unusual scene. It all happened absolutely for real. In the video, our Astrakhan Kremlin and my newlyweds. Panasonic gx80, FilmConvert.

Panasonic GH5, KD 5207 Vis3
Юлия и Андрей


By Maxim
Canon eos 600D, Plrd 600
تحت الركام | under the rubble

فيلم وثائقي قصير يعرض حال السوريين في السنين الاخيرة

By Ibrahim abo koba
Panasonic GH4, FJ 8543 VD
たぶん解けないだろう [Probably Not]

A short film we decided to make one evening in Tokyo with some strangers.

By Jashan Makan
男のだんじり | DANJIRI [山滝地区 内畑町下出]

Join the men of Shimode, Kishiwada for one of Japan's most dynamic and dangerous festivals "DANJIRI" 岸和田市内畑町下出の皆様、撮影のご協力ありがとうございました! だんじり祭りの映像をまずハイライト版でどうぞ! 撮影のお問い合わせ・ご依頼はinfo@matte.jpまで Filmed by Carmody Matthew ( Filmed on DJI OSMO RAW and Ursa Mini Pro Graded in Resolve using Filmconvert Special thanks 岸和田市内畑町下出

By matt