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Canon 7D, Kd 5213 Vis3
Wieder 'Zam

The memories and regrets of an elderly man come rushing back as he struggles to cope with his experiences as an infantryman near the close of WWII.


WINNER: BEST PICTURE - UA Campus Moviefest 2014


WINNER: BEST NARRATIVE SHORT - Black Warrior Film Festival 2014

WINNER: BEST EDITING - NARRATIVE SHORT - Black Warrior FIlm Festival 2014

WINNER: ALABAMA STATE PRIZE - Auburn Indie Student Film Festival, 2014

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner, 2014

SCREENED: Virgin America Airlines In-Flight Entertainment

SCREENED: ShortsHD Television Channel

Graded in FilmConvert Pro 2.

By Sean Dave
Panasonic GH4k, FJ 8543 VD
"Four as One" for Michael Van Der Ham

Amanda Charchian

Director of Photography and Time Lapse:
Nicolas Amato

Musical Score;
Mixed and Mastered by yyyounggg.

Michael van der Ham
Autumn/Winter 2014
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Luke Lynch at Parallax Post

Amanda Charchian and Nicolas Amato

Jasmine Albuquerque

Compositing and Color Timing:
Brandon Kelly

Conrad Radzik

Candice Birns

Dina Gregg

Pyper America, Daisy Clementine, Leila Goldkuhl, Sally Jonsson
Of Next Models

Special Thanks to :
Lita Albuquerque, Richie Davis and Chloe Wallace

Using FilmConvert

By Amanda Charchian
Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera, Kd 5213 Vis3

This movie is a part of my bachelor exam art project ”Muskler, maskiner och kvinnokroppen, i en spegel av glas” (Muscles, Machines and the Female Body, in a Mirror of Glass).

My main material is glass and in this project I have worked with glassblowing, tecnique and alternative representations of the female body, using glass blowing and my own body as starting points. I have registered my muscles using muscle sensors while blowing the glass objects seen in this movie. I have then used specially written software to convert the sensors’ measurements into three-dimensional shapes which I have then recreated in blown glass. The new objects (the mirrors) manifest the body as actions and the work of muscles. The body shapes the glass and the glass craft shapes the body. We are influenced by how bodies are represented.

This movie communicates my thoughts behind the glass objets in my installation, and together the objects and the movie makes the story complete. By Pär Brännström

Canon EOS 6D, Fuji Pro 160s
The italian touch

From the 18th-26th of July 2014 I was selected to participate in Favellalab project. 8 creative people who have provided evidence on the web to be a source of creative inspiration spent eight days together in a beautiful farm.

The mission is for each person, to create a video that has the theme: “Be free to …”

"The Italian Touch" is my tribute to Italian food and produce. Discover the art behind the best culinary tradition in the world.

See more about Favellalab project:
Follow me on Instagram:
See some photos on my Flickr:

Shoot using:
Phantom DJI II with GoPro Hero 3
Canon 6D @ 1920 30p

Lens used:
Canon 24-70 2.8 USM
Canon 50 1.4
Canon 24-105 IS 4.0

Yann Tiersen - Summer Nursery Rhyme, No. 3

Color Grading:
Film Conve

By Oliver Astrologo
canon 5D MK II, Sony NEX5N, IL FN FP, FJ Neo
More Than Words

Written & Directed by
Andrea Jako Giacomini

Glimpsing a brighter future, a ride home from school is anything but ordinary for a child and her parents.

WINNER FutureCity Yokohama Award - Best Short Film winner - Short Shorts & Asia 2014

WINNER Levi's "Show US The Way" Short film contest.!

Cannes Short Film Corner 2013
Hollyshorts Film Festival 2013
AFI Film Festival 2012



By andrea giacomini
Red MX, Black and White
OOFJ - Death Teeth

Film Convert

By Padraic O'Meara
Sony FS100, KD P400 ptra
La secte (Filmconvert)

Un court métrage de fiction.

By kevinchampagnelessard
Canon 5D Mark III, KD 5207 Vis3
In the southern hemisphere

2014 July, 5 days in the east of Mauritius with the gang.

With FilmConvert for the color correction.

Filmed & Edit by : Christophe Hamon
Filmed with Canon 5D Mark III & Magic Lantern
Music : Isbells - Elation (Licensed music from The Music Bed :

Lenses: Canon EF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM / Canon EF 50mm F/1.4

By Christophe Hamon
Red Epic X, KD 5207 Vis3
Dusty Hernandez-Harrison "Voices"

Currently a finalist in the Sharp "Art of Amazing" competition and showing at the Mill Valley Film Festival. Please vote at

Sometimes you meet someone, and hear a story that has so much heart and courage, that you can’t help but tell it. Dusty Harrison is one of those stories. He’s a 20 year old that’s been stepping into the ring with grown men since he was 16, looking for a way in the world that lets him use the gifts he was given.

Dusty came up in the tough streets of Southeast DC, kept on the straight and narrow by the love of a father who didn’t want him to repeat the mistakes he had. He put gloves on dusty at 2, and pushed him every day of his life, and together they are finding salvation.

Now at 22-0, Dusty Hernandez Harrison (@dusty30th) is the biggest draw to come out of DC since Sugar Ray Leonard, and the 15th ranked welterweight in the world. Since we met Dusty last year, we fell in love with his st

By Dave Adams
5D Mark III, KD 5207 Vis3
La Classe - Lazy Thursday Afternoon (FilmConvert)

©2014 La Classe.

" Lazy Thursday Afternoon"

Musique - LA CLASSE -

Directed By - HOMEWORK -

LA CLASSE et HOMEWORK remercient chaleureusement Livia, Joy, Marie, Pauline, Raoul, Julie, Agnès, Dante, Esther, Gérard, Eloise et Colombe !!

By HomeWork
GH4, KD P400 Ptra
The Partisan

This video is to remember the Forest Brothers, the post-World War II resistance fighters in Lithuania. In those days, the forest of Kazlu Ruda where this video was shot, was a hiding place for the fighters. The main character walks into the woods and back into his memories. He is here to hide and to escape his everyday troubles and the battles that he has to fight every day.

Idea: Giedrius Paulauskas and Raimondas Pasternackis („Woxx Barbers“)
Videography: Jevgenij Tichonov („Quiet Films“)

Color graded using Film Convert

Šis vaizdo klipas skiriamas miško broliams atminti. Kazlu Rudos miškas, kuriame jis nufilmuotas, kadaise buvo partizanu prieglobstis. I ji iženges pagrindinis herojus tarsi dar karta nusikelia i praeiti: sugrižta pasislepti, o gal bent trumpam pailseti nuo ji supancios kasdienybes, nuo mušiu, kuriuose jis privalo nepailsdamas kovoti.

Idejos autoriai: Giedrius Paulauskas ir Raimondas Pasternacki

By Jevgenij Tichonov
Nikon D800, Kd 5213 Vis3
Jardín de la Croix - Colorado Springs Official Video.

Original music by Jardín de la Croix. "Colorado Springs" is a song from their last album "187 Steps to Cross the Universe"
Direction & Cinematography : Manuel Pascual
Jardín de la Croix are: Israel Arias, Pablo Rodríguez, Carlos Schonert and Ander Carballo

By Manuel Pascual
Nikon D5200 and Canon 650D, KD TMx 100, IL D400
Letter (A Psycho Thriller Short Film)

Letter is a Psycho Thriller Short Film.

A man narrate a letter to his wife, suddenly story takes a strange turn!

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A Film By Predators

Special Thanks To
BUFT Media Club


The Killer Arif Haque

Music Composer
Gustavo Santaolalla
Luke Neumann

Other Assistance
Razib Ahmed
Jonny blade
Hasan Jhony
Iman Ali
Mahiduzzaman Rusho

Bipul Chowdhury

Color Correction With

Dubbing & Foley

Sound Design

Rayhanur Kabir

Director of Photography
Rayhanur Kabir
Bipul Chowdhury

Written, Editted & Directed

By Rayhanur kabir
Nikon D800, FJ 8553 ET
The Seamless Love - The Wedding Day of Ketti & Arpit

May be it was their love, may be it was the fun loving family & friends, may be it was the beautiful weather; I do not know but there was something special about Ketti & Arpit's wedding day. I am saying this because I had lots of energy when we starting shooting at 5.30AM and I had same energy when we stopped shooting at 12.00AM. I show three things on that day around me: Love, Fun and Energy. This wedding is the perfect example of why we love to do Indian Wedding Cinematography.

When I talked to Ketti first time, I could here in her voice that it is going to be something different and challenging. Ketti & Arpit wanted something different for their SDE (Same Day Highlights) so we decided to do short shoot prior to the wedding day. They both are all about fun and that is what we tried to capture in the pre-wedding shoot using various props. All the credit goes to Ketti for selecting beautiful song for the highlights. We have done many SDE in past but this was the only ti

By Kamal
Canon 5D MkII, Fuji Velvia
The Art of Making, The Carpenter

The ‘Art of Making’ series aspires to display and highlight certain people, which go against the spirit of today’s pessimism and desperation. They dare to dream and create with zeal and imagination. Armed with passion for knowledge and emotion, they attempt to combine the precision of science with the elegance and resourcefulness of art. We thank them wholeheartedly for their contribution.

directed / edited / vfx - Dimitris Ladopoulos, Spiros Rasidakis
director of photography - Nikos Mexis
sound design - Nikos Tsines
music - The Three Corners of the Earth, The Fire Shall Devour Us

(shot using available light, with Canon 5D+7D, edited in Final Cut Pro X, tracked with PFTrack, composited in After Effects and FilmConverted)

By Dimitris Ladopoulos (Deep Green Sea)
Canon 5D mark 3, Fuji SuperX 400
Old Craftsman Portrait

Shot in Belgrade, Serbia. © 2014 Lazar Bogdanovic and Hristina Papadopulos Graded with DaVinci Resolve and Film Convert using Fuji SuperX 400 stock The term craft is a Turkish loan word of Arab origin, and denotes skill or knowledge. Crafts are forerunners of industrial mass production. Craftsmen who perfected their craft would make their product from beginning to end. Once, the shops of old craftsmen such as candy makers, bookbinders, candlemakers, watchmakers or tailors could be seen everywhere, but now they are few and far between. Although these professions are not lucrative anymore, there are several craftsmen in Belgrade who save their crafts from oblivion. As a rule, anyone who practices old crafts inherited that occupation from the previous generations as a family tradition. Mass production enabled products which are far cheaper than the ones old craftsmen used to make and slowly made old crafts sink into oblivion. Art Director / Hristina Papadopulos Cinematography / Lazar

By Lazar Bogdanovic
Canon 5D MIII, Fuji Velvia
"Epoch" – Short Film

This short film was originally created for Project Greenlight 2014. We advanced to the Top 200 films, but unfortunately we were unable to progress further.

Shot on Canon 5D MIII – Magic Lantern Raw
Graded in Adobe Premiere / FilmConvert

By Kasey LaRose
Panasonic GH2, FJ 8543 VD
Nossa Casa (Home) - [musical short film]

In a very poor village, there is a shortage of almost everything, except talent. "Nossa Casa" (Home) is a musical short film about the artistic project developed by São Roque association with the children of the region.

Direção e Roteiro: Diviane Helena
Direção de Fotografia: Fernando André
Direção Musical: Ana Cristina Calderón e Rodrigo Olavarria Lara
Estrelando Coro Gato na Tuba e crianças do Projeto Recriar

Trilha Sonora:
Ana Cristina Lago - Piano
Rodrigo Olavarria Lara - Violino e Percussão
Moara Pessatti - Violino
Shante Amaral - Violoncelo
Engenharia de som: Bruno Haller

Composiçao original "A Nossa Casa":
Alice Ruiz
Arnaldo Antunes
Celeste Antunes
Edith Derdyk
João Bandeira
Paulo Tatit
Suely Galdino

Ana Lucia do Nascimento - Coordenaçao de projetos
Rudy da Silva - Assiste

By Fernando André
Blackmagic Cinema Camera EF, KD 5207 Vis3
Restoring The Atleo River

Filmed at the Atleo River, BC, Canada on September 3rd, 2013 for The Central Westcoast Forest Society

Writer / Producer - Drew Burke
DoP / Editor - Mark Wyatt
Vancouver Video and Film Production

Solina Sea - Gareth Dickson

Shot on:
Blackmagic Cinema Camera BMCC 2.5k, Sigma 8-16, Tokina 11-16, Samyang 24mm, Nikon 50 and 100.
2 shots with 5d mark iii (raw magic lantern)
Graded in Resolve with Filmconvert
Rode NTG2, Mixpre-D, Dr-40

By Mark Wyatt
Canon 5D Mk II, Red Epic, KD 5207 Vis3
FilmConvert - Film Settings Tab

An overview of the features of the main settings tab of FilmConvert.

By nigel
Canon 5D Mark III, Fuji Velvia 100
Sound Thief : Teaser

Sound Thief is the first of a series of mini-documentaries featuring independent musicians based in four cities. This one features Jivraj 'Jiver' Singh, drummer for Pinknoise, and electronic percussionist. Born to parents who lived life on the road and made music, music was not so much a glamorous externality as much as a way of life for Jivraj. Watch us as we talk to him about his personal experiences and how they've impacted his music, as well as show you a lesser known musical fascination of his.

Featured Artist - Jivraj Singh
Direction - Aditya Kapur
Cinematography - Arnold Fernandes, Aditya Kapur
Assistance in Direction - Sombit Mondal
Producer - Aastha Singh
Editor - Rajdeep Mitra
Colorist - Gairik Sarkar
Graphic design - Priyanka Mehta
Production - Autorickshaw Productions

By Aditya Kapur