How to Run DaVinci Resolve in Rosetta Mode

If you are using FilmConvert Pro for DaVinci Resolve on a M1 Mac, you will need to run Resolve in Rosetta mode for it to work.

Please note that FilmConvert Pro is an older version of the plugin, that is no longer supported. We do recommend that you upgrade to FilmConvert Nitrate for native M1 support.

How to run DaVinci Resolve using Rosetta emulation
  1. Open Finder and navigate to /Applications/DaVinci Resolve
  2. Right-click on the DaVinci Resolve application and select ‘Get Info’
  3. In the ‘General’ section, if the “Kind” label says “Application (Universal)”, there will be an “Open using Rosetta” option below. Enable this option and launch DaVinci Resolve 
Next you need to select OpenCL as the render option in the Resolve preferences.