Alfie’s Journey by Richard Bailey

A promotional video for Coventry Care, encouraging families to consider foster care for children in need. ‘Alfie’s Journey’ won the award for Best Commercial Film in the FilmConvert Color Up Competition 2015.

For me, the colour 100% enhanced the narrative, which is what good grading is all about. Too often colour continuity is overlooked but in ‘Alfie’s Journey’ the continuity across every shot was spot on. The stoney, buff pinks in the highlights interacted with the skin tones beautifully and created a kind of wash across the film that drew me in. Beyond the colour, ‘Alfie’s Journey’ also had the strongest edit, which was perfectly paced and lovingly put together, never getting in the way of the wonderfully scripted story. Richard & Dave should be very proud of the film they’ve created.

Ollie Kenchington

By John Parker

Senior Marketing Manager FilmConvert