User Showcase: Aliasgar Mirzayev

You (our readers) are filmmakers, creators and videographers. In our profession, it’s very important to share and talk to each other about our creative processes. However, we often don’t have this opportunity. Well, that’s why we decided to interview people within the field to ask them all the questions you might be wondering about. General,… Continue reading User Showcase: Aliasgar Mirzayev

A Touch of History with ‘Kangaroo’

A touch of history with ‘Kangaroo’: The charming spirit of the first technicolor film made in Australia Nowadays, we seem to face lots of cultural trends which are believed to be buried in the far-far past. Filmography speaking, we already witnessed a bunch of remakes trying hard to embrace us with the spirit of old-fashioned… Continue reading A Touch of History with ‘Kangaroo’