Classic films and film stocks

FilmConvert contains 19 film stock emulations for some of the most popular and useful film stocks produced by Kodak, Fujifilm, Ilford and Polaroid. We thought it would be fun to take a look at some famous films shot on those film stocks, and see how the FilmConvert film stocks compare.


Kodak 5213 Vis3

The film ‘Jackie’ (2016) is a biographical drama following the life of Jacqueline Kennedy during her days in the White House before and after the assassination of President Kennedy. The director and DOP chose to shoot the film on KODAK Super 16mm film to help integrate live-action footage with archival and contemporary footage from the early 1960s.


FilmConvert KD 5213 Vis3

A walk back in time through the Edo period. A time when life was slower-paced. A time where each encounter is treasured as there is understanding that the moments together can never be repeated- it is for that point in time only… and never again. Ichi-go ichi-e. Graded with FilmConvert.


Kodak 5207 Vis3

HBO’s latest blockbuster hit, ‘Westworld’, directed by Jonathan Nolan and executive produced by J.J. Abrams, shoots exclusively on film. DP Paul Cameron, ASC loves the artistic control and look of film and said especially of the Kodak 5207 stock “I shot the dusk work on KODAK 5207 250D as it reacts really well in the light of golden hour.”


FilmConvert KD 5207 Vis3

The music video for “Entwined” is a collaboration with Austrian filmmaker Max Rino, and it features a stunning Tim Burton-like world. “We didn`t want to create an everyday music video with continuous lip-sync and long performance parts,” said Clemens Engert of Alien Hand Syndrome, “we were aiming for something much more cinematic. So we had this idea of going into the Vienna Woods and playing with all those fascinating little elements we found there and incorporate them into the clip. It’s all about the combination of the musical and visual atmosphere and building a unified whole.” Graded with FilmConvert.


Fujifilm Eterna 250D 8563

The 2007 remake of the classic Western was shot on Fujifilm Eterna film stocks, in widescreen format by cinematographer Phedon Papamichael, who has also shot ‘The Descendants’, ‘Walk the Line’ and ‘The Monuments Men’ on film.


FilmConvert FJ 8553 ET

The film reveals some of the sublime landscapes on Iceland’s Snæfellsnes Peninsula. Edited, color graded and sound-mixed using DaVinci Resolve Studio 14, graded with FilmConvert.

Film emulation can be a potent tool for filmmakers to create beautiful, timeless images that evoke the magic of cinema.

By John Parker

Senior Marketing Manager FilmConvert