It’s FilmConvert’s 10th Birthday!

It’s FilmConvert’s 10th Birthday! We’re having a week long celebration with 40% off FilmConvert Nitrate and CineMatch, some special camera pack releases, and a whole bunch of other goodies. But first, we wanted to share some of the history behind FilmConvert, and how our plug-in’s came to be. FilmConvert was launched in 2012 in Wellington,… Continue reading It’s FilmConvert’s 10th Birthday!

FilmConvert Nitrate upgrade process info

FilmConvert Nitrate is available for trial download and purchase from September 3rd. Existing FilmConvert owners will be eligible for a special discount to upgrade to the new version. If you don’t already own FilmConvert, every new purchase will give you a free upgrade to the Nitrate features when they become available for your platform –… Continue reading FilmConvert Nitrate upgrade process info

Avoiding noise in your Youtube uploads

The latest music video by Childish Gambino for ‘This is America’, directed by Hiro Murai, is a visually stunning and provocative statement on the intersection of race, politics, music and entertainment in the United States. If you haven’t already watched (and rewatched) the video, check out the link above – content warning, contains violent imagery.… Continue reading Avoiding noise in your Youtube uploads

The Last Mambabatok – Foster Visuals

Director – Brent Foster While I’m Here, The Legacy Project is a passion project that we started after letting time pass and missing out on the chance to tell the story of a man who was near and dear to our hearts. He passed away, and in his memory, we started the project with the… Continue reading The Last Mambabatok – Foster Visuals