The San Diego Highwayman – Foster Visuals

FilmConvert Settings

Canon 5D MKIII, Cinestyle/Flat

FJ 8553 ET film stock

Grain: 10-20%, 35mm full frame

Color: 70-80%

Brent Foster – The Interview

Brent Foster

I worked as a photojournalist for years covering daily news assignments, and focusing later in my career on longer social issue based photo essays overseas. I really got into filmmaking by discovering the power of adding audio to my still photography and creating multimedia slideshows for the web. Video came along as a natural next step in the type of storytelling I was doing, and really felt like the right medium to allow people to tell their own stories.

A lot of the work we now do is focusing on short documentaries where the subjects really drive the narrative, and I love the way video allows them to do that.

After moving away from a career, which was almost entirely editorial work, I now work with an amazing team of collaborators at Foster Visuals, and we focus mainly on telling stories and creating branded content for companies, brands, and agencies alongside editorial clients.

I was new to coloring footage and was looking for a simple solution with great results that would work within Adobe Premiere.

I like to keep things pretty realistic for most of our work but wanted the footage to have a cinematic feel, with nice warm tones to focus on the overall mood of the piece. I’m not a big fan of over saturating things or adding crazy amounts of grain. I just want the look to feel classy, and consistent throughout. I do like that you can add just a little bit of grain to give it a more filmic look overall. 
We used FilmConvert to color everything on this particular piece. After Effects was used to stabilize a couple clips as well as for the end title cards.

By John Parker

Senior Marketing Manager FilmConvert