Children of Karni Mata by Adam Ruszkowski

The world of documentary film has been revolutionized with the digital age, access to affordable and high-quality camera equipment and online distribution. Now more than ever, people everywhere have access to impressive technology to tell stories. Everyday, new filmmakers are born.

But in this age we mustn’t forget the important purpose of documentaries: to show and tell an interesting and valuable story with a unique point of view. Documentaries are meant to inform, entertain and present new perspectives. We must remember to always value and put story before the latest technological inventions.

While the other documentaries in this category were more technologically advanced, “Children of Karni Marta” was the only film that allowed us to dig deep into another culture and life. To see and observe and not be told what to think, but instead challenge our notions and learn from a culture.

The future of documentary film, and the makers that will rise to the top, are those that allow us to dip into the life of a person or group of people that we may never otherwise have access to. The fine line between promotional films, commercial-driven non-fiction films, music videos and true documentaries are blurring. That’s why “Children of Karni Marta” is the winner. It’s the purest and most interesting documentary in this category.

Elaine McMillion

By John Parker

Senior Marketing Manager FilmConvert