The Maasai Mara From Above by Arnold Kopff

The colours and compositions of this piece felt magical and had a cinematic power it took me away and reminded me of what filmic cinematography should be about.

Sebastian Wöber

Quintessential beauty, excited me about going on Safari to shoot something similar

Ben Forman

** Winner 3rd Prize FilmConvert Cinematography Competition 2014.

This vignette was created for the FilmConvert 2014 Cinematography Competition.

Running time: 5 minutes 43 seconds
Genre: Observational documentary
Images were composed using the Panavision (2.35:1) aspect ratio

Filmed while on safari in Kenya.

The film was shot with a Sony NEX-FS100, edited using FCP X and colour graded with FilmConvert using the Fuji 8553 ET stock emulation.