Watch the FilmConvert Competition Winners 2015

Watch the top films from the 2015 Film competition

Every year we hold an annual film competition. It’s a great opportunity for us to see what all the talents filmmakers in the FilmConvert community have been working on, as well as a great way for you guys to showcase your work. We’re always very overwhelmed by the number of incredible entries submitted, in 2015 we had over 700 films! Below you’ll find the 5 winners, 1 for each category along with comments from our judges.

Our 2016 competition is coming up soon, so be sure to get involved!

Winner, Creative Storytelling Category – Dan Jobson, ‘Capture the Imagination’

“Dan’s imaginative short pulls you into a vibrant world through a strong use of composition, color, and movement throughout.”

-Patrick Moreau,


Winner, Music Video Award – Tomer Bahat, ‘Rollin’ (ft. Lucille Crew)

“Grungy textures and a warm but faded color palette add so much to this already beautifully shot music video. I love the subtle use of effects and color pops to add dimension to the piece, and the overall art direction is fantastic too. It’s a perfect example of using a single location, great cinematography, and the right amount of effort in the editing room to achieve some very high production value.”

-Noam Kroll,


Winner, Weddings – Henry Weddings, ‘Maegan + Jared’

“A wonderful combination of painterly visuals and thoughtful editing bring this couple’s story to life in a meaningful way.”

– Justin DeMers,


Winner, Documentary – Adam Ruszkowski, ‘Children of Karni Mata’

“The world of documentary film has been revolutionized with the digital age, access to affordable and high-quality camera equipment and online distribution. Now more than ever, people everywhere have access to impressive technology to tell stories. Everyday, new filmmakers are born.

But in this age we mustn’t forget the important purpose of documentaries: to show and tell an interesting and valuable story with a unique point of view. Documentaries are meant to inform, entertain and present new perspectives. We must remember to always value and put story before the latest technological inventions.

While the other documentaries in this category were more technologically advanced, “Children of Karni Marta” was the only film that allowed us to dig deep into another culture and life. To see and observe and not be told what to think, but instead challenge our notions and learn from a culture.

The future of documentary film, and the makers that will rise to the top, are those that allow us to dip into the life of a person or group of people that we may never otherwise have access to. The fine line between promotional films, commercial-driven non-fiction films, music videos and true documentaries are blurring. That’s why “Children of Karni Marta” is the winner. It’s the purest and most interesting documentary in this category.”

-Elaine McMillion,


Winner, Corporate Award – Richard Bailey, ‘Alfie’s Journey’

“For me, the colour 100% enhanced the narrative, which is what good grading is all about. Too often colour continuity is overlooked but in ‘Alfie’s Journey’ the continuity across every shot was spot on. The stoney, buff pinks in the highlights interacted with the skin tones beautifully and created a kind of wash across the film that drew me in. Beyond the colour, ‘Alfie’s Journey’ also had the strongest edit, which was perfectly paced and lovingly put together, never getting in the way of the wonderfully scripted story. Richard & Dave should be very proud of the film they’ve created.”

-Ollie Kenchington,

By John Parker

Senior Marketing Manager FilmConvert