Watch the FilmConvert Competition Winners 2015

Watch the top films from the 2015¬†Film competition Every year we hold an annual film competition. It’s a great opportunity for us to see what all the talents filmmakers in the FilmConvert community have been working on, as well as a great way for you guys to showcase your work. We’re always very overwhelmed by… Continue reading Watch the FilmConvert Competition Winners 2015

Riccardo Gabrielli, ‘Cinco’

The Film ‘Cinco’ is a indie thriller set in New York City about a conwoman who gets into a dangerous face-off against a dangerous enemy. Although shot on a Canon 5D mkIII, the production values and cinematography make the film look like a high-budget Hollywood production – check out director Riccardo Gabrielli’s¬†interview on how he… Continue reading Riccardo Gabrielli, ‘Cinco’