Review: House of Gucci Wasn’t Good

FilmConvert’s Marketing Manager Henessey gives her two cents on where House of Gucci went wrong, and yes, this does contain spoilers.  The latest film by Ridley Scott House of Gucci, details the trials and tribulations of the luxury fashion house, Gucci. Based on the novel by Sara Gay Forden, the film follows the lives of… Continue reading Review: House of Gucci Wasn’t Good

Premiere Gal FilmConvert review

Kelsey Brannan, aka Premiere Gal, produces bi-weekly tutorials on Adobe Premiere Pro. In her latest video, she delves into FilmConvert, taking a look at the basic controls and showing how quickly you can apply a film look to your footage. Using the promo code “PREMIEREGAL” you can get 10% off of FilmConvert. This promo is… Continue reading Premiere Gal FilmConvert review