DSG Alpha Holsters

I was tasked to create a short film documenting the quality, process, and reliability of DSG Arms Alpha Holsters. These holsters are used prevalently in law enforcement units, so the quality of the products is so important.

The talent in the opening and close of the video was an actual Fort Worth Police/SWAT Officer.

I shot it with the C100 Mark 2, and primarily the Canon 24-70 F/4L IS, with a few shots with the Zeiss 25mm f/2 zf.2. The lighting was done with a pair of Westcott ulite softboxes with 500W photoflood bulbs.
Cinevate Duzi was used for the slider shots.
Rode NTG4 was used for dialogue and audio. After filming, I went back and rerecorded the sound effects for each step of the process to layer into the finished film.

Film Convert was used for grading, and I shot with the C100s wide DR profile.

By Zach Ashcraft

C100 Mark 2

FJ 8543 VD

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