FilmConvert introduces



— a new set of features to give you even more power and control over your color grading.

Cineon Log
film emulations

Full custom
curve control

Advanced film
grain controls
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Cineon Log Film Emulation

Filmmakers love the built-in FilmConvert film stocks for their authentic look, but sometimes you want more control over the final image.

In the Nitrate update, we've added Cineon Log versions of our original film stock emulations, meaning you can dial the contrast or saturation of a film stock back to your liking, while still keeping the authentic film stock colors.

Design your own film response curve

We've designed full custom curve controls for each of the FilmConvert film stocks, so you can create exactly the look you want: modify highlight and shadow roll-offs, or even design your own film stock from scratch. Nitrate now uses a full Log image processing pipeline, so you can retain the full dynamic range of your footage through the grading process.

Advanced film grain controls

You can now adjust the appearance of the grain individually in the highlights, mid-tones, and shadows.


Will my old version of FilmConvert still work?

Yes! Any project using the old version of the FilmConvert plugin will still work fine. You can download legacy versions of the plugin on our Help page.

Is Nitrate a paid upgrade?

Yes, there will be an upgrade fee of $89 for FilmConvert owners to get the new features available in Nitrate.

What platforms are supported?

The Nitrate upgrade is currently available for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects on Mac OS and Windows. We'll be launching the upgrade for additional platforms throughout 2019.

Which versions of FilmConvert will receive the Nitrate update?

The plugin versions for Premiere Pro + After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, and OFX (DaVinci Resolve, HitFIlm, Magix Vegas etc) will receive the Nitrate update, for Windows and Mac OS. The FilmConvert Desktop App and Photoshop plugin will not be updated.

I own a Bundle license. Should I upgrade to Nitrate now?

Yes, the fee for upgrading your Bundle license will always remain the same, so if you use Premiere / AE as part of your Bundle, upgrade your Bundle license now to start using the Nitrate features.