Grain & Film Stocks

Accurate Grain

FilmConvert has a complex density based grain algorithm. Grain is not just a layer added on top of your image, but is calculated and integrated based on the underlying colors. The grain response for each film stock has been collected and modeled to bring out the true grain characteristics of each film stock.

Levels graphs, showing
luminosity distribution for 6
squares from a MacBeth chart.

Film Stocks & Accurate Color

Each digital picture style has been mapped accurately to each of 19 Film Stocks, including Color Negative, Color Positive, black & white and Polaroid. Each picture style is modeled to accurately match the colors provided by the camera and is coupled with a proprietary sRGB viewing transfer to mimic an ideal film projection on your sRGB display.

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KD 5207 Vis3

Our KD 5207 Vis3 emulation is based on the Kodak® Vision3 250D 5207. Introduced in 2007, the 5207 is a state of the art medium-speed daylight motion film stock with great highlight latitude and reduced grain in the shadows.

KD 5213 Vis3

This KD 5213 Vis3 emulation is based on the Kodak® Vision3 200T 5213 Color Negative Film. The 5213 is designed for use under Tungsten light. As with other Vision3 film stocks, the 5213 gives great performance in high contrast scenarios.

FJ 8543 VD

Based on the Fuji® Vivid 8543 Color Negative Motion Film Stock, our FJ 8543 VD emulation delivers intense color and high contrast. This is a 160 ASA tungsten-balanced stock.

FJ 8553 ET

The FJ 8553 ET is Based on the Fuji® Eterna family of Color Negative Motion Film Stocks. This 250 ASA Daylight stock provides warm, smooth colors with exceptional skin tones and enhanced shadow quality. Eterna film stocks were introduced in 2004 and are still used in current movie production.

FJ 8563 RL

FJ Ast 100

This emulation is Based on the Fujichrome® Astia 100F. This professional quality medium speed daylight color reversal stock provides smooth natural skin tone reproduction with fine grain and great reproduction of subtle hues.

FJ Prov 100

The FJ Prov 100 is Based on the Fujichrome® Provia 100F. A Medium speed, professional quality color reversal photography Film Stock. The Provia is a multi-purpose Film Stock suited to a wide range of applications.

FJ Velvia 100

FJ Velvia 100 is Based on the Fujichrome® Velvia 100 photographic film stock. Velvia is a daylight-balanced color reversal film which provides brighter ultrahigh-saturation color reproduction. The Velvia is especially suited to scenery and nature photography as well as other subjects that require precisely modulated vibrant color reproduction.

FJ Neo

FJ Neo is Based on the Fuji® Neopan 400; Fuji's® professional super high-quality black and white negative film.

IL D400

Our IL D400 emulation is Based on the Ilford® Delta 400 Professional black and white color negative. The Delta 400 is a high speed professional stock with a width of tonal range that retains subtlety and detail.

IL D3200

The IL D3200< is Based on the Ilford® Delta 3200 Professional black and white color negative. The Delta 3200 is a super high speed professional stock designed for fast shutter speeds and low light situations.


Based in the Ilford® FP4, this fine grained film stock has been the film of choice for enlargements and finely detailed images. Suitable for most photographic subjects under a variety of lighting conditions.

KD TMx 100

Our KD TMx 100 emulation is based on the Kodak® Professional T-Max, a continuous tone, panchromatic, tubular grain black and white negative film.

KD TrX 400

The KD TrX 400 is based on the Kodak® Professional Tri-X which has long been the worlds best selling black and white photography film stock.

FJ H400 Pro

The FJ H400 Pro is based on the Fujicolor® Pro 400H and is well suited especially to wedding, portrait and fashion photography where accurate rendition of the subject is essential. This is a high-speed 400 ISO film stock with a wide exposure latitude.

FJ H160s Pro

Our FJ H160s Pro emulation is based on the Fujicolor® Pro 160s color negative. This is a medium speed daylight stock with wide exposure latitude, great skin tones and highly faithful color reproduction. This professional quality stock is well suited to portrait photography.

FJ SuperX 400

Based on the Fujifilm® Superia Xtra 400, the FJ SuperX 400 is a general purpose high speed color negative film stock.

KD P400 Ptra

Our KD P400 Ptra is based on the Kodak® Professional Portra 400 color negative film stock. This film delivers spectacular skin tones plus exceptional color saturation over a wide range of lighting conditions.

Plrd 600

A classic Polaroid® 600 emulation. Made from one of the last batches of original Polaroid® Instamatic film stock sold from