By Andyax: Film Look effect in Premiere Pro using FilmConvert

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Here you’ll find all sorts of wonderful videos to help you learn how to better utilise the tools we have created for you. These tutorials are made up of videos created in house by FilmConvert, as well as by our users.

Film Settings Tab

A walkthrough of the first tab of FilmConvert, showing the features of the Clip Browser and Shot List.

By FilmConvert

Tab 1: Clip Browser and Shot List

An overview of the features of the main settings tab of FilmConvert.

By FilmConvert

Digital vs Film comparison

Comparison between:
- Kodak® Vision3 250D film
- Red® One MX Digital Camera
- Red® One MX with FilmConvert Software applied

By FilmConvert

FilmConvert Pro Tutorial

A look at the FilmConvert Pro plugin for Premiere Pro. Examples of how I use this fantastic little plugin and how it can really help with your colour correction and grading work flow. Covers the new version 2 of Film Convert which has even more controls.

By Jonathan J Scott Films

Color Grading with FilmConvert

FilmConvert is a film emulation software that we have been using for almost two years to grade all kinds of projects. The plugin offers different grain and film stock sizes as well as a three-way-color-corrector.

By Fenchel & Janisch

Film Look effect in Premiere Pro

Every film maker shooting with DSLR, wants to achieve the film-look. But how is this possible with digital video? In this tutorial I show you how to achieve the film-look in a good and easy way, using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 with the FilmConvert Pro plugin. In addition I show you some tips for color grading in Da Vinci Resolve.

By Andyax

Episode 1 // "LUT-able" Teradek and SmallHD Gear | Intro and Overview

Shooting in Log? You need LUTS! Michael shows off some easy to use on-set LUT tools, featuring new toys from SmallHD and Teradek.

By Michael Shu, Onyx Cinema

The Art of Color Grading

A quick look at the ideas behind color grading.

By DSLRguide