Fields of Gold

I could say a 100 things about this wonderful wedding. But I'll make it short and say what I think is the core of it all: "Make it last forever, Rebecca & Robin!"
venue: Rittergut Orr bei Köln, The Qvest;
ceremony: Glücksmarie;
decoration: Helene Gutjahr Köln;
rope: Victoria Rüsche Köln;
belt: La Chia Köln;
suit: The Blöke Düsseldorf;
styling: Christina von Maskenraum Köln;
sweets: Foodistas Köln;
catering: Robert Meyer Catering GmbH;
photography: Katinka Stone
film stock Adaption: FilmConvert

By Sascha Lautersack

Canon 6D

FJ 8543 VD

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