Death of a band - Hardpack "Can you Hear Me?" HD [Official MV] shot with Canon 5D3 & Filmconvert

A final one-fingered farewell to HK's music industry from local rock band Hardpack.
Ironically, now on iTunes:

Directed by Victor Manggunio
Produced by Edgar Tang for Noodle ltd

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Technical details:
Shot with a 5DFree and a custom made GoPro 180 degree time slice rig.

Post Production and Editing by Seesaw Post

Digital Effects Lead: Dick Fai, Kinson
Editor: Orson
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Typography by: Man Kit Lee

"Can You Hear Me?" by Hardpack

Written by: Adam Diaz (???)
Lyrics by: Dash
OP: 8bit Orbit Limited / Y Pub (Admin by Universal Music Publishing Ltd.)
Music Arranged by: Hardpack
Mixed by: Brian McTernan
Mastered by: Ryan Smith
Drums Recorded and Produced by: Skot Suyama

By Victor Manggunio

Canon 5D3

FJ AST 100

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