Prairies Are Mourning by Whitebird

Shortly after the tragic bus accident that claimed the lives of 16 members of the Humboldt Broncos, a junior hockey team from Saskatchewan Canada, a good friend of mine approached me with a song that he had written in memory of those lost, and as a tribute to the families left behind. He asked me to capture a live performance of the song that would convey the pain of the song. My goal was to keep it as raw, and emotional as possible, to put the focus solely on the message of the song, and not on the camera work. This is the ethos of my company Unseen Creative, to remain transparent and Unseen as I tell stories.

For this reason, I decided to shoot at a wide angle, very close to the subject, and as a single shot. The shoot was all recording live, in one take, for both audio and video. There are no overdubs, edits, or tuning of the audio.

For the purposes of this competition, please note that there is a community choir that comes in at 4:23, I would ask that you view that section, b

By Zoltan Szoges

Canon C100 Mark ii

FJ 8563 RL

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