My Happy Place

For as long as I can remember, I have gotten an incredible amount of inspiration from watching people, especially dancers, perform. Music also is something that pushes me to action, even if I don't know what that action ought to be; it simply compels me to do something. Even though I'm not a dancer or a musician, I wanted to make a little film that could express my love of those things and share it with you.

Many many thanks go to Olivia Conlin, who was the dancer in the video as well as the choreographer. She worked so openly and freely with me to make this thing happen, and it was probably the best collaboration I've been a part of. I put her in pretty much every situation a dancer wouldn't want to be in, and she took every scene in stride. Never complaining or giving up; just awesome.

The video was filmed entirely in Minnesota over the course of six months.

The music is "Revival" by Ryan Taubert, and is licensed from The Music Bed. All rights to the footage are owned by me.

By Tim Johnson

Sony a7s

KD TrX 400

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