Survivor is the new video for Mic Righteous's first ever single Survivor, taken from Mic's Debut album Dreamland!
Shot in Northampton, England Survivor is an abstract view of how averting from bad decisions in life while battling through daily temptations can ultimately make you a Survivor.
When all of us at GiantDwarf first heard the track survivor we new we had a special project and journey ahead of us.
With Tones melodic voice and production combined with Mic Righteous incredible lyrics we new we needed to come up with something to compliment what was already an epic project.
So after numerous brainstorming sessions and and concepts we were very happy when we reached what we thought was the perfect video idea to go with the survivor track.
The artist and his management loved the treatment and off we went to shoot the video.
We shot the majority of the video on the Canon 5d mk3 and used a Set of Carl Zeiss Prime Lenses to capture the cinematic look that the artist had reques

By James Millar

Canon 5D Mk3

KD 5207 Vis3

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