EtheREAL: A Prewedding Film

Georgia and Andreas live in Australia for the last few years, and when we discussed their wedding video back in the day, they asked me to create a prewedding film that will tell their story. But because (and I've done that again in the past) I prefer to approach such things through a personal kind of storytelling filter, I decided to take my chances and tell a story that will be identified by those who know Georgia and Andreas, but also be accessible as a standalone story by those who don't.
Things were not easy at all, given the fact that I did everything on-location single-handed and I had less than two weeks to do both filming and editing, but I really believe that I created something at which I believed since the very first moment, so with a restrained pride, I am presenting it to you here.

By Dimitris Mantalias

Sony A7SII

FJ 8563 RL

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