Ana e Thiago

This 5 minutes video is a project that me and my girlfriend Ana took one year and some months to be done. As soon as we started dating I started capturing some of our good times in video with my DSLR camera. Sometimes I also used the camera I had near me. I also had to use a cellphone to film in a prohibited place, the Museum, and when there was no camera around. It may look very simple and not professional, and it's really not. Nothing is staged or planned. It's filmed always with the camera in hand, climbing mountains, sailing in vessels, or eating in restaurants, amongst other situations. Actually it would make no sense if it was staged. Relationships are complicated, but they don't need to be. It only depends on ourselves. The lack of dialogues is to show that love is a language that everyone understands, it doesn't matter if you here, in Brazil, or in Japan. This video will be played in our Wedding, so we can always remind of what really matters, and perhaps inspire other people.

By Thiago André Cursino da Silva

Nikon D3300

KD 5213 Vis3

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