The Finish Line

Look around, Open your eyes.
Listen to your mind, hear what it says.
Take hold of it, embrace it, This is your one life.

The Finish Line is a short film that uses conventions of advertising as means to communicate an ideology to the millennial generation.

Since taking a year off from University and working in commercial photography, I developed my own unique outlook on life. This has come from my belief that people become too content with their place in life. They create a ‘finish line’ in their head and once they are there they settle for what they have. People become content with living their life going from point A to point B. We instead should always be on a path of self improvement no matter where we are. This can be translated into future career prospects, fitness, skills, everything that you have a set goal for already. We should not be living our life looking forward to the finish line, it is irrelevant. The journey, the grind, the process is what you need to learn to l

By Doug

Canon EOS 7DMKii

FJ Prov 100

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