Procession of The Fogareu

Procession of the Fogaréu. Traditionally, since 1745, at midnight Thursday of the Holy Week, to the sound of drums and light of torches, 40 men hooded and barefoot, "The Farricocos ", GO out the streets of the historical center of the City of Goiás Velho, in the State of Goias, Brazil and simulate the persecution of Christ By the Roman soldiers. The ritual last approximately one hour. The procession passes through the main churches of the city. They start at the church of the "Good Death", heading towards the church of the Rosary, where the empty table of the Holy Supper is located. Then they end up in the Church of San Francisco, which represents the Mount of Olives. The sound of a clarinet and the banner of Jesus in the hands of the white tunic Farricoco announce that Christ was captured. The ritual ends at the gates of the Church of "Good Death", where the procession began. In 2018, the ritual took 20000 people to the city of Goiás.

By Nilo Resende

Canon EOS 80D

FJ H400 Pro

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