Arcadia Metamorphosis // Glastonbury 2015 // Documentary

Metamorphosis - The New Arcadia Spectacular

A short film about Arcadia’s new Metamorphosis show with some behind the scenes glimpses, a sense of the roots and ideas driving Arcadia and highlights from Glastonbury 2015

Directed by Giles Mayall, Ned Espeut-Nickless and Louise Stevens
Edited by Ned Espeut-Nickless and Giles Mayall
Cinematograhy by Ned Espeut-Nickless (Play Reel Productions)
Graded by Ned Espeut-Nickless

Shot on Panasonic GH4, Sigma 18-35, Tokina 11-16, Metabones Speedbooster EF to MFT, Lumix 12-35, Lumix 35-100 and 5D mark iii.
Graded in FCPX with FilmConvert KD P400 Ptra

With huge thanks to everyone involved, to Glastonbury Festival and to Bristol 2015

For more information about Arcadia – please visit

Music: "Breathless" By DC Breaks feat Bassnectar & Mimi P

By Ned

Panasonic GH4

KD P400 Ptra

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