Martin Kohlstedt - Strom (Chapter I)

How do you approach what we call music – for its creators, for its listeners, for its tangent society? Martin Kohlstedt, a composer and pianist in the maelstrom of contemporary experimental classical music searches and provides his own answers in form of improvisations, modular compositions and foremost in the embrace of intuitive emotion. Nothing must be forbidden in music if it was, in its core, born from irrevocable encounters – that is his credo.
The multi-part documentary dubbed »Strom« accompanies Martin Kohlstedt on his journeys. They lead him from his rustic thuringian home to the seemingly abstract musical cultures of Iran, the United States and Russia to circle around and ultimately arrive back at himself. In this manner the single episodes try in their own way to find answers to the questions at the beginning: How can you grasp music in a documentary context? For the film-maker Patrick Richter the search for certain moments becomes the main tool: The next note could very we

By Patrick Richter

Sony A7SII

KD 5207 Vis3

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