"Perpetual" Student-Made Music Video Story

This music video is a story about two artists who meet each other through dreams, their art, and ultimately by God who loves them dearly.

Executive Producers:
Dayna and Tim Cooper

Tyler Johnson
Hannah Puder
Emily Puder

Directing, Cinematography and Editing:
Tyler Johnson

Story Board Artist and Art Director:
Brian Heath

Production Design:
Morgan Burke

Story Consultants and Super Heroes:
Professor Boland
Auri Jones
Britany Johnson

Camera Operators:
Sarah Beth Stone (DualStone Productions) www.dualstonepro.com
Josiah Blizzard
Micah Lindstrom

Brian Heath
Nathan Banister

A special Thank You:
My dear and beloved Mother who has always been there for me (Dayna Cooper)
My Dad,

By Tyler Johnson

Red Scarlet, Canon mkiii, 6D, C100

FJ Velv 100 35mm FullAp!!! LOVE THIS!!!

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