Aro Artist : Authentic, Romantic, Original

« Each painting has a life of its own. I just try to let it come through »
The first time Aro, also known as Caroline Bergeron, applied a palette knife to a canvas, she felt transformed. Experimenting with several mediums, but primarily acrylics, Aro explores the interplay of complete surrender to her creative muse and tightly maintaining control of her technique, creating vibrant pieces filled with bright color and subtle textures. Her focus is on maintaining authenticity, romanticism, and originality – three bywords that also inspired her artist’s moniker.

Final Cut Pro X
FilmConvert - FJ 8553 ET (Grain 35)

Dir: Benjamin Roy
Cam: Luc Charbonneau
Sound Design: Emile Dubé

By Luc

Sony FS7

FJ 8553 ET

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