KNOWER - Overtime

KNOWER is one of the most vital and energetic dance/electronic groups in the world, so it was imperative for me as an editor to have a performance video that felt nothing like the average performance video, something that felt every bit as colorful and dizzying as the band itself. In order to do this, I decided to employ a number of 60's experimental film techniques, namely splitscreen and variable frame rates, but without upsetting the integrity of the performance by using shots from different parts of the set or doctoring performances. It was shot with five cameras running simultaneously, and every cut and corner of the frame is real time, down to the last note. FilmConvert™ was a huge part of that - not only was I able to very easily create a unique color and lighting scheme for each camera, but I could also really push the limits of each angle without ever encountering artifacts or crashing the software. And I was really pushing it, too! Each angle was saturated at 200% with highli

By sorenpersing

Canon C100

KD P400 Ptra

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