Swade // “Highway 27” (Official Music Video)

We all have a hometown, somewhere that made us who we are, a place that stirs up dust inside of us. A hometown is where we first found our voice, learned what it meant to be disappointed, where we surprised ourselves for the first time and maybe even proved ourselves wrong. Home is a place we leave and eventually come back to. And when we come back, it’s never the same. Sometimes it’s the place that’s changed, but most of the time, it’s us.

We leave our hometown full of ideas about the world that aren’t our own and spend time working towards things that ultimately lead us to dead ends.
Part of finding what success looks like for any of us is walking away from those things that hold us back, being real with ourselves about where we’ve come from and having the courage to ask ourselves, “What now?”

By Dan Newman

Sony A7Rii

FJ 8553 ET