Stay Outside - Void

I first noticed these guys due to their incredible aura and energy both in their live show and just in general social interaction. There's something very special and explosive brewing under the surface with these guys, and I knew we had to capture that on camera for this equally special and explosive track. We were operating on a paperthin budget, and we had only 24hr window to shoot everything, as I was traveling from Nashville to their small hometown in rural Indiana to shoot this between work shifts. Nevertheless, we got everything we wanted in the can after a long 14hr day of shooting, and the edit came together perfectly. I wanted to use a lot of organic effects to coincide with the guys' organic energy (rather than post effects), such as lens whacking, an over-the-head camera flip (about halfway through), and a few other little things you'll notice throughout the video. I shot a good deal of this using the DJI Ronin M, which really helped give this video the ethereal, almost drea

By Chris Stanton

Sony A7SII

FJ Velvia 100