It’s 2018 — and we’re no longer pushing the boundaries of the status quo, right?
Welcome to our world, filled with high-flying energy and a vibrancy of color, where normalcy is
no longer tolerated and convention is kicked to the curb. We’re ready for a little role reversal.
Meet the HUSBAND, a good looking man in a crisp suit with matching white gloves as he
makes the long and nerve-wracking walk along to poolside to deliver a DRINK to his WIFE.
She’s dressed in haute couture of course, an ombre dress by KFD, lounging in the sun and
letting those So Cal rays kiss her skin. But her husband’s shadow falls over her face and
interrupts her peace and quiet. Strike one.
He offers the beverage and she takes a sip. Her face ripples with disgust because he’s made it
wrong. Strike two.
BUT… there are no strike three’s around here.
She hurls him into the pool — a small price to pay — for making her martini too dry. And now
she’s on a rampage.
This goddess storms the house and

By Nathaniel Upshaw

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