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Canon 1DX MKII, FJ H160s Pro

Passion project based on the poem by Carl Sandburg, shot on Canon 1DX Mark II w/Rokinon Cine DS primes, Panasonic GH4 mounted on DJI Ronin-M, and DJI Inspire 1. Graded with FilmConvert. Featured on Film Shortage as a Daily Short Pick. PRODUCTION: Block One Studios ( DIRECTORS: Dominic DiMaria, Geno DiMaria PRODUCERS: Dominic DiMaria, Geno DiMaria, Chad Stembridge CINEMATOGRAPHY: Geno DiMaria, Chad Stembridge DRONE PILOT: Chad Stembridge VOICE-OVER: Dave Pettitt EDITOR: Geno DiMaria PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS: Nate Crockett, Kevin Bianchi

By Geno DiMaria
Canon 600D, FJ 8543 VD
F Society

FilmConvert Alexandria Short Film Festival (Alexandria Egypt April 8, 2016 World premier) Tangir International Film Festival (Tangir Morocco April 18, 2016 international premier) Anarchist Film Festival (Montreal Canada May 20, 2016 North America Premier) Kazan International festival of Muslim cinema (Russia Kazan September 10, 2016 Eastern Europe premier) ICARO Festival Internacional de Cine (Guatemala Guatemala October 23, 2016 South America Premier) Twisted Oyster Experimental Film Festival (Chicago USA November 25, 2016 USA Premier) Crafting festival of modern film art (Moscow Russia November 30, 2016) Festival Panafricain du Film École de Yaoundé (Yaoundé, Cameron April 13, 2017)

By Moustafa
Canon C100 mkII, FJ 8543 VD
The 80s Photography Shoot (BTS)

When Greg Hamblin used words to motivate a group of creatives he had no idea it would turn into such a collaborative venture. This behind the scenes video shows that story, the people and the vision of the 80s shoot.

By Benjamin van Houts
Canon C100 MK II, FJ 8543 VD
Ashen Blues

Her grace grazed the ground. She was the woods, and the creek. She lured you with song, and she stole your gaze. The nymph of the woods must always be praised. -- We spent a warm fall day walking and dancing through the woods and creeks of central Wisconsin. The Driftless region gives a lot of opportunities for small discoveries. Each turn reveals a new landscape, formed by spring fed creeks and millennia of transformation. The relic pines stand proud with their roots crowning massive rock faces.

By Benjamin
Canon C100 MK II, FJ 8543 VD
A Girl and Her Horse

I remember you, all of you. The picture isn't always of the whole you, but of pieces joined together, a palimpsest of experience. You are complete, but in my own way. The way I see you. I remember how it felt to move my fingers through your hair, and to put my palm to your lean muscles. Each movement gave me something important. And I will always remember how you made me feel. Her last ride. That is what she wanted captured. She asked us to create a film that encapsulated her bond with her best friend. No directing. Just a simple ride. Her last ride.

By Benjamin
Canon C100 MK II, FJ 8543 VD
The Essence of Betsy + Vince

At the site of infamy, I crawled inside your photograph. Your nape, painted by the redwoods' boughs, became the end of my world. My horizon. If I were to know it, finally, then, I would know all I needed to know, for I would know you. Betsy and Vince's wedding day began as clouds obscured the main piers of the Golden Gate Bridge. Steel supporting clouds. The road bowed to the giant redwoods, each demanding right-of-way. Through the twists and turns, we arrived in Muir Woods. The rain laid siege to the trees, but only tears wet the faces of the bride and groom. They said their vows to the ferns and the flowers, and the sea kissed their feet for their first dance.

By Benjamin