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Canon 70D, FJ Velvia 100
The Only Sadness

Shot in Mumbai, India by Composer / Film Maker Niraj Chag. "The Only Sadness" is a piece inspired by the Sufi Saints of the 16th Century. Produced, arranged, mixed and mastered by Niraj Chag at Buzz-erk Studios London. Taken from the album 'Mud Doll'. Vocals & Lyrics- Japjit Kaur Video directed and edited by Niraj Chag Thanks to: Sneha Jawale Sapna Bhavnani Anil D'Souza Crosby Fernandes Steven Devraj

By Niraj Chag
Canon 5D mk III, FJ 8543 VD
Sleepmakeswaves - Great Northern (official music video)

An early labour of love project completed over 8x weekends for Sydney post-rock band Sleepmakewaves. I met Alex from SMW at a Brisbane gig and from there we collaborated to make this simple story about a frustrated scientist converting his thoughts into reality. Building a machine that would allow him to travel as a mysterious energy. Filmed in my old tool shed out in the sticks and out and around the area - this project was completed over 8x weekends with over 30+ visual effects shots.

By Bradley Coomber
Canon 5D MkIII, FJ Velvia 100
KILIMANJARO WARRIORS: A Monumental Goal for Recovery

In February 2014, a group of amputee veterans set forth on a monumental goal for recovery, to climb the world’s tallest free-standing mountain: Mt. Kilimanjaro (19,341 ft). Consisting of six amputees and five wingman climbers,the Kilimanjaro Warriors hiked the mountain for eight days overcoming insurmountable obstacles and new challenges with each passing mile; trusting that determination, heart and undeniable grit can triumph over disability.

By Bevan Bell
Canon 70D, FJ 8543 VD
The Land I Was Born On

The Land I Was Born On: “When you call yourself an Indian or a Muslim or a Christian or a European, or anything else, you are being violent. Do you see why it is violent? Because you are separating yourself from the rest of mankind. When you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind.” - Jiddu Krishnamurti Shot in Dharavi, Mumbai - one of the largest slums in the world by Composer / Film Maker Niraj Chag. This is a track from his latest album titled "Mud Doll". The piece is an exploration of Nationalism and National identity. Composed, arranged, mixed and mastered by Niraj Chag at Buzz-erk Studios London. Taken from the album 'Mud Doll'. Indian Violin Solo - Nawazish Ali Khan Video directed and edited by Niraj Chag Thanks to: Anil

By Niraj Chag
Canon EOS Rebel t3i, KD 5207 Vis3
Dear Grace

a short film about reflecting and moving on. written and directed by Chris Lee photographed and edited by Chris Lee starring Joelle Byun Jeremy Giampaoli music by Lowercase Noises - Ambient Songs A. Taylor - Treeline At Night special thanks to William Kim Janis Rebecca Ahn Matthew Wrightsman

By Chris Lee
Canon 5d mkII, FJ Velvia 100

Great day riding bike in the woods

By Joonas Vinnari
Canon 6D, FJ Velvia 100
Wedding video

Съемка и монтаж: Мацкевич Александр Свадебное видео Минск Свадебное видео Витебск

By Aliaksandr
Canon 6D, FJ Prov 100
We need a skatepark

"We need a skatepark" stop motion видео. Небольшой покадровый фильм на тему скейтбординга;) Ворк виз ас Work with us

By Aliaksandr
Canon 5D Mk3, KD 5207 Vis3

Survivor is the new video for Mic Righteous's first ever single Survivor, taken from Mic's Debut album Dreamland! Shot in Northampton, England Survivor is an abstract view of how averting from bad decisions in life while battling through daily temptations can ultimately make you a Survivor. When all of us at GiantDwarf first heard the track survivor we new we had a special project and journey ahead of us. With Tones melodic voice and production combined with Mic Righteous incredible lyrics we new we needed to come up with something to compliment what was already an epic project. So after numerous brainstorming sessions and and concepts we were very happy when we reached what we thought was the perfect video idea to go with the survivor track. The artist and his management loved the treatment and off we went to shoot the video. We shot the majority of the video on the Canon 5d mk3 and used a Set of Carl Zeiss Prime Lenses to capture the cinematic look that the artist had reques

By James Millar