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Canon C100, FJ Velv 100
Hopeful Future

Hopeful Future; filmed with a Canon C100 & color graded with 'film convert'. The story about two dads that share their story of their past & their present and how the changed how they wanted to be an impact in their children's lives.

By Richard Hall
Canon 60D, FJ Velvia 100
House Warming Gift

A young woman seeking independence must open her eyes to the danger hiding in plain sight when she moves into a brand new house.

By Antonia Arcella
Canon 6D Flaat, FJ Velv100
Hoy es Primavera - Trailer

Hoy es Primavera - Un documental de Nina da Lua y Álvaro Sanz
Un viaje hacia el interior basado en una historia real de superación
Color con Film Convert

A Nina da Lua (Sonia Carmona) le detectaron un sarcoma d’Ewing cuando tenía 31 años. Se trataba de un cáncer óseo muy agresivo que tenía muy mal pronóstico según diversos especialistas por la ubicación (ala ilíaca izquierda) y sus medidas (12 cm aprox).
Desde ese preciso instante Nina decidió dejarse guiar por su propia naturaleza interior para aceptar el proceso y suavizar los crudos efectos de la quimioterapia (8 sesiones) y la radioterapia (30 sesiones). Su único objetivo fue sentirse viva en cada detalle y ese amor transformó su cuerpo.
A los seis meses del proceso Nina no solamente consiguió sanarse. También un hecho poco común: regenerar el hueso que se había abierto a causa del tumor en muy poco tiempo.
Una de las consecuencias del agresivo tratamiento con la que convive actualm

By Álvaro Sanz
Canon C300, KD 5207 Vis3
ISTANBUL SNEAK PEEK (graded with FilmConvert)

Here's a quick, low rez clip from our upcoming travel series WEWANNAGO. Episode 1 has us travelling through Turkey with stops in Istanbul, Cappadocia and Pamukkale. This short clip shows my wife Kseniya, her brother Kirill and myself (camera guy) taking our first steps into the historic site of Aya Sofya (Sancta Sophia). I've stripped out most of the voice overs and typographic/3D overlays— Saving the best for last :) So far, this episode is sitting around 9 minutes and that's just enough to show off the best of what Istanbul has to offer.

We're working hard to get the first 4 episodes live this summer and we appreciate the support and motivation.

Stay tuned for WEWANNAGO TRAVEL DIARIES... coming soon.


Shot on a Canon C300 and an iPhone 5 mounted with the Steadiam Smoothee and Filmic Pro.

Graded with FilmCo

By christiaan welzel
canon c100, FJ 8543 VD, FJ 8563 RL, KD5207 vis 3

A girl is at drug and sex party…but she is not as naive as she looks

Best Web Series Foreign at LOS ANGELES INDIPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL AWARDS , Special mention at Miami Independent Film Festival 2015.
Selected at Los Angeles CineFest , #TOFF – The Online Film Festival, River Film Festival, , River Film Festival, Yellow Fevere Independent Film Festival, Roma Cinema Doc, Film Crash.

:: produced by Licaoni, O Family,

:: created by Massimo Santimone, Simona Brancati, Daniele Corsi, Marzio Mirabella

:: written by Massimo Santimone, Francesca Detti

:: direction and cinematography by Marzio Mirabella

:: original music by Gabriele Draghetti

:: Production Music courtesy of

:: audio mixing by Alberto Parodi -

:: starring::
Fiorenza Pieri
Alessandra Gessa

By Marz
Canon PowerShot A2300 HD, FJ Neo
It's Too Late

A Story about a son that live in a boarding house, and he really hated his mother. He doesn't want his mom to visit him and he really do not want to listen to his mother anymore. But now it's too late

By Pramudito Harjo Widodo
Canon C100 MKII, FJ Velvia 100
Kung Fu Journey

Kung Fu Journey is a documentary film that tells the story of a Kung Fu Master in Beijing who travels back to the legendary Shaolin Temple and to Tagou Martial Arts School, one of the largest martial arts school in China, with his young Kung Fu students to further their training and deepen their knowledge of Chinese martial arts. "Kung Fu represents time, patience, courage, will, mindset of commitment, constant effort and sacrifice." - Master Liu. Kung Fu Journey is the documentary directorial debut of IZ Darson (Singapore Haunted) and was filmed entirely in Tagou Martial Arts School, the Shaolin Temple and its surrounding areas in Dengfeng, China. Kung Fu Journey Director: IZ Darson Running Time: 22:28 Language: Mandarin (with English Subtitles) and English

By IZ Darson
Canon 5D MKIII, FJ 8543 VD
La Forêt de la mémoire

Destination Wedding in Normandy - France Video portrait of Jess and Luke, a couple based in NY who asked us to document their wedding in Normandy past August. We spent five days with them and their families in the Old Chateau Le Mont Epinguet (Normandy – France). Make this video has become a deeper experience for us, share a week with Jess and Luke families made us become part of their memories. We were no longer there to document the wedding event but to tell something more intimate of their lives.

By luigia pansera
C100, KD 5207 Vis3
Lago di Paola

Directed by Simone Andriollo

Shot on Canon C100 and Manfrotto equipment.
Editing and color on Final Cut Pro X, Film Convert

Thanks to Istituto Pangea Onlus

By Simone