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Canon 1DC, Fuji 5553 ET

The story of how a Kenyan Couple with the help of God & a non profit organization Sowing Seeds of Joy plans to change a country. Shot on my trusty 1DC and color graded with the amazing Film convert & Davinci.

By AJ Francois
Canon C100 Mark II, FJ SuperX 400
142 Miles From Monday

This is a film about stepping away from the 9-5 lifestyle, the benefits of scaring yourself, and about connecting with nature to find meaning in everyday life.

The film follows three mountain bikers riding the legendary Kokopelli Trail in the high mountain desert; a place they’ll find is often unpredictable and unforgiving, but one that reveals lessons for those who explore its lonely landscapes.

Check out my behind the scenes post on Medium here:

Filmed on the Canon C100 Mark II
Edited in Final Cut Pro using the FilmConvert and Color Finale plugins

To learn more about Heath's bike bag company, check out his page:

Alex Witkowicz
Denver, CO

By Alex W
Canon 6D, FJ SuperX 400
Ju + We | Same Sex Wedding on Plane [Film Convert Color Up Competition]

This wedding has 2 things special:
- This is the first Vietnamese LGBT wedding ever celebrated on the plane!
- This is the first time we were shooting a wedding at a height of 43000+ ft
All the emotional there are so true! We can't deny it! Please enjoy the film!

Moc Nguyen

Wedding Film by Moc Nguyen Productions
Music Licensed through
Graded by FilmConvert Pro (FCP X)


Copyright © 2015 by Moc Nguyen Productions. All right reserved!

Canon C300, Kd 5213 Vis3
Reflections - A Short Film

REFLECTIONS is a short tale about coming alive. Listen to the full title track composed by Andrew and Jared DePolo at


Starring Jeremy Janik and Hannah Loomis
Written & Directed – Immanuel Mullen
Produced by – Stephanie Mullen, Immanuel Mullen, Kevin Coyne
Director of Photography – Kevin Coyne
Music Composed By – Andrew & Jared DePolo
1st Assistant Camera – Huy Pham
Gaffer – Tim McLaughlin
Grip – Benjamin Schlea
Edited by Immanuel Mullen
Grading by Immanuel Mullen and Kevin Coyne

Special Thanks to Gina Brinker


Graded with Film Convert

By Immanuel Mullen
Canon C100 and Sony A7S, KD 5207 Vis3
Give me Freedom - Courtney Graf -

Filmed in Seattle, LA and NY.
Artist - Courtney Graf
Director/DP - Alec Watson
Producer/Editor - Shelli Gonshorowski
Second Camera - Kelsey Goodwin
Stills Photographer - Salinas Holcomb
Hair - John Simpson
Makeup - Eric Allen
Executive Producer - Cara Carr
Filmed on C100 and A7S
Colored by FilmConvert

By Alec Watson
Canon 5D MkII & MkIII, Canon 6D, Canon 7D, Sony FS700, FJ 8543 VD
Théâtre du Crochetan, 25th Anniversary Time Lapse

This is a time lapse video about the Théâtre du Crochetan in Monthey, Switzerland.

Rise and Shine Films was commissioned to plan, shoot and post produce this film by the "Association Sans les Murs!" for their local cultural Festival "hik et nunk". The film premiered in Monthey in September 2014.

Music by Franco Mento:
Hyperlapse sequences by Marcel Rolli (studium punctum):
Hic et Nunc Festival:
Théâtre du Crochetan:

Shot on Canon 5D Mk III, 6D, 7D (all with Magic Lantern) and Sony FS700 (internally recorded), graded with SpeedGrade and FilmConvert.

By Manuel Imboden
Canon C100, FJ Velv 100
Kafischmitte - Vignette über die Rösterei

Roger Wittwer zeigt uns seine Rösterei Kafischmitte ( und erzählt über guten Kaffee, fairen Handel und die Kunst des Röstens.

By Rise and Shine Films (
July 2015

Shot on Canon C100, cut and graded in Adobe Premiere Pro 2015 using Lumetri Color Panel and FilmConvert.

By Sven Brauchli
C100 mkII, KD P400 Ptra
Impression: "Il piccolo Tibet (Campo Imperatore - Italy)"

Video & Music
Ivan D'Antonio

Produced by

Filmed with Canon C100 mkII, Canon EFs 17-55mm F2.8 IS, Glidecam HD4000

Graded with FilmConvert and FCPX

Thanks to
Marilisa, Emanuele and Claudio

By Ivan D'Antonio
Canon C100, FJ 8553 ET

At 85 years old, organic raisin farmer and lifelong river advocate Walt Shubin is not slowing down. He has dedicated the last 65 years of his life to restoring California’s once-mighty San Joaquin River to the wild glory he remembers as a young boy. Driven by his passion for the river, and despite worn out knees and joints, he takes us on a journey to help us understand why this river is so important to all of us as well.

Learn more about the San Joaquin River and take action to restore its health at

Director: Justin Clifton

Editors: Chris Cresci & Justin Clifton

Cinematographer: Chris Cresci

Featuring: Walt Shubin

Location: Kerman, California

Abstract Aprils, The Weight of Familiarity
Blake Ewing, Ocean Run
Matthew Kidd, A Reflective Conversation in Bb

graded with FilmConvert.

By Chris
canon 6d, Ilford D400
Тень / Shadow

neo-expressionist silent short movie about the photographer and the shadow

color correction was made with FilmConvert

2015, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

By Emile Khafizov
Canon C300, IL FN FP
Life on the streets

What's it like to be homeless? This film gathers together a collection of stories direct from those who - through circumstance - have wound up living on the streets.

From riding the buses, to dodging rats and coping with ill health, find out about just some of the challenges rough sleepers face each day and those they overcome with the help of The Passage.

This film was first screened at the Royal Festival Hall on 9 October 2014, the eve of World Homeless Day, as part of the annual fundraiser A Night Under the Stars, in aid of The Passage charity. Donations welcome:


This film was graded with Filmconvert

By Simon Waller
Canon C100 Mark II, KD 5207 Vis3
Shaw Road To The Grey Cup - Henry Burris

Part of an ongoing project for Shaw's Road To The Grey Cup digital campaign. We're travelling across Canada to share the stories of 9 incredible athletes as they strive for greatness.

View more ongoing video content at

Client: Shaw Communications
Marketing and Management: Barry Forth - Wasserman Media Group
Agency: Sway Advertising
Director of Production: John Challinor
Production Company: Electric Mango Film Company
Director: Shawn Lovering
Editor: Wild and Light
Producers: John Challinor, Taylor Prestidge
DoP: Shawn Lovering
Color: Shawn Lovering, John Challinor

Special Thanks: CFL, CFL Players Association, Shaw, Sabrina Loeprich, Zac Jackson, and the Althetes

Film graded with FILM CONVERT

By Shawn Lovering
Canon C300, FJ 8553 ET, KD 507 Vis3, KD P400 Ptra,
The Bliss Of Ignorance

Through first-hand testimony The Bliss of Ignorance investigates South Africa's complex relationship with one of the country's most abundant resources: coal.

With experts predicting the creation of a "sick" generation in the Mpumalanga region (which is home to 12 of the world's largest power stations),this documentary looks at the impact of South Africa's energy policy - particularly the support for Eskom's coal-fired power stations - on public health. In February 2015 energy giants Eskom were granted five years grace from complying with atmospheric emission standards, making this film ever more timely and relevant.

Set against the wider climate change debate, The Bliss of Ignorance highlights how the mining and burning of coal affects the environment; polluting air and valuable water resources in a water-scarce country. In 2012, 17,000 people in Carolina, Mpumalanga were left without water because their local supply was polluted by acid mine drainage. <

By Simon Waller
canon c100, FJ 8543 VD, FJ 8563 RL, KD5207 vis 3

A girl is at drug and sex party…but she is not as naive as she looks

Best Web Series Foreign at LOS ANGELES INDIPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL AWARDS , Special mention at Miami Independent Film Festival 2015.
Selected at Los Angeles CineFest , #TOFF – The Online Film Festival, River Film Festival, , River Film Festival, Yellow Fevere Independent Film Festival, Roma Cinema Doc, Film Crash.

:: produced by Licaoni, O Family,

:: created by Massimo Santimone, Simona Brancati, Daniele Corsi, Marzio Mirabella

:: written by Massimo Santimone, Francesca Detti

:: direction and cinematography by Marzio Mirabella

:: original music by Gabriele Draghetti

:: Production Music courtesy of

:: audio mixing by Alberto Parodi -

:: starring::
Fiorenza Pieri
Alessandra Gessa

By Marz
Canon C100 MK II, Nikon D800, KD 5207 Vis3

A rogue body snatcher has oh-so-many leftovers, and oh-so-little time.

Winner of 'Best Sound Design' for the 'My RØDE Reel 2015' competition.

Co-Directed by Austin Rink & Ryan Yapp
Editor / Colorist / DP / the Undead / Cop #1: Austin Rink
Sound Design / Foley / Camera Op / Cop #2: Ryan Yapp

Graded using FilmConvert.

News theme:
Music by: Lino Rise
Title: “Intro Japan”

By Austin Rink
Canon 5D MkIII, FJ Velv 100
Porto Santo, é mesmo aqui ao lado.

Anúncio televisivo para a Porto Santo Line.

Realização, camera, edição: Nuno Serrão
Camera, iluminação: Pedro Sousa
Produção: Maria João Clode; Alexandra Pontes;
Produção executiva: Alexandra Pontes
Voz-off: Diogo Freitas
Gravação voz-off: Alexandre Gonçalves (Estúdio 21)

Final grading with FilmConvert

By Nuno Serrão
Canon C100 MK II, FJ 8543 VD
Honey & Scott :: Wedding Highlights || Riviera Maya

Warning, proceed to watch with caution, extremely cool dancing moves ahead!

Honey & Scott Wedding Highlights
A Film by Lalo Vargas

Venue: Grand Palladium Riviera Maya
Song: Slow Motion by Little Red

Filmed in Riviera Maya using Phantom 2, C100 MK I & C100 MK II graded with Film Convert.

By Eduardo
Canon 5D MKII, Canon 70D, Panasonic AG-AC90, FJ 8543 VD
Casa de Festas Vale dos Sonhos - O local ideal para o seu evento

Conheçam esta linda casa de festas localizada no bairro de Campo Grande - RJ. Espaço ideal para a realização do seu evento. Em uma área de mata atlântica com mais de 18.000m², o Vale dos Sonhos consolidou- se como referência no segmento de festas e eventos privados na zona oeste do Rio de Janeiro. Em seus serviços estão incluídos atendimento personalizado desde a primeira visita, gastronomia de alto padrão, riqueza e sofisticação em cada detalhe de decoração, profissionais treinados para atender o alto padrão Vale dos Sonhos, interagindo com seus clientes e convidados de forma simpática e cortês. Venham nos fazer uma visita:

Filmagem: EVF Movie Art (
Edição: Claudia Friões
Colorização: FilmConvert

By Claudia dos Santos Friões
Canon C100, Fuji Vel 100 (16mm)
Fillen || A Cor e Flor || Clipe Oficial || Filmconvert

Artista: Fillen
Música: “A cor e a Flor”
Atriz/Bailarina: Anne Costa
Co-produção:: Lumos e Tchê
Direção e Iluminação: Derick Borba
Imagens, Montagem e Finalização: Derick Borba

A cor e a Flor
(letra: Renan Castro, Música: Fillen)

Você entrou em mim
Uma fagulha que acendeu a cor
Que me cegou e se atirou do céu, pra me tirar o véu
Você não percebeu
Da armadilha que encantou a flor
Do que se foi e não mais floresceu
Não adiantou

Você não sabe a quanto tempo penso o quão intenso, há quanto tempo?
Você não sabe a missa um terço deixo o teu desleixo, há quanto tempo?

Quem dirá que não, irá ceder
Não sabe o quanto vale caminhar sem ter porquê
E se parar, irá correr
Mais alto e forte o quanto tempo não irá prever

Você nem se ligou
By Derick Borba

Canon C100 MKII, FJ 8553 ET
No Set Path

This mini documentary takes a look in to the world of independent film making, and is a must watch for any one involved with, getting started in or just has a passing interest in film making. An alternative title for it could have been "How a couple of guys set up an Oscar nominated production company from nothing." It shows that there truly is "no set path" to success when it comes to film making, although there are a number of important traits, like passion, determination and high standards that certainly do help.

Jon Drever who is the co-founder and co-owner of Grain Media and a friend of mine very kindly let me into his professional world and spoke candily and honestly, allowing me to relive his journey in film making from very humble beginnings to running the extremely successful independent production company Grain Media. Its been an honour to be able to create something that hopefully goes some way to showing this inspirational journey.

With since

By Jonathan J Scott