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Canon C300 mk II, KD 5207 Vis3
photography returns to the horsemarket

Commercial Clip for german camera store Foto Leistenschneider, which is going to open a new store in Frankfurt at the horsemarket (Rossmarkt). The horse belongs to the photographer Nina Wilkesmann, a twelve years old white horse, which we coulered with beetroot. The clip is graded with filmconvert, because we wanted that special filmic look.

By Simon Liersam
Canon 5D II, FJ Neo
PICS Diversity Village | Compassion

Short stories, and themed vignettes, around multi-cultural senior care I produced to help PICS raise money to build their new facility Diversity Village. Learn more: Diversity Village is a new long term senior care facility designed to meet the Social, Cultural and Dietary needs of members of the multicultural community, PICS Diversity Village (PICS seniors Long Term Care Home) will be located in Surrey. PICS’ proposed PICS Diversity Village will be a 125 bed facility fully equipped to care for the elderly who need personalized attention in a setting which is familiar to them.

By Joseph Kafka
Canon C300, FJ 8543 VD
Portal: Survive! (Live-Action Short)

Subscribe for Secrets of Aperture and other videos coming soon! Tweet it! Portal: Survive! is a live-action short film based on the hit game Portal, and the tie-in comic "Portal 2: Lab Rat." Directed by Colin and Connor McGuire, this film was shot for under $500 at the YouTube Space LA. HUGE thanks to Jimmy Burns from Angry Dog Studios who built and shot the GLaDOS prop used in the film. Check them out! They're on Facebook too! This film was graded with FilmConvert. Thanks for watching! Like Us on Facebook!

By Connor McGuire
canon 5d mkii, Fuji Prov V 100
SIJI - 'Home Grown' (Official EPK)

Video produced and directed by SIJI
Edited in FCP7
Graded in Apple Color with FilmConvert

Siji's forthcoming album "Home Grown" is currently scheduled for release in spring of 2014. Two and a half years in the making, the epk goes behind the scenes to chronicle the concept behind the record and the personal journey that inspired it's making.

for further information, kindly visit

canon 5d mkii, Fuji Prov V 100
SIJI - 'Lagos Lullabye' (official video)

Video produced and directed by SIJI
Edited in FCP7
Graded in Apple Color with FilmConvert

I'd always loved Scorsese's Taxi Driver particularly the scene in which the protagonist, Travis Bickle drives his cab around the mean and seedy streets of New York city's Times Square.

Taking a cue from this timeless classic, I sought to take in and showcase the grittier side of Lagos in line with the songs candid lyrics. My kinsman and co-producer, Ade Bantu was on hand to capture me singing my heart away in the cramped backseat of our gypsy cab as it snaked its way past police check points, busy market streets, grinding traffic, admiring fans and petty traders, all of which make up this colorful and manic metropolis.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Las Gidi (Lagos) in all it's rugged and funky technicolor glory. Kindly enjoy and share.


Lagos Lullabye is now available as a free download from; h

Canon C300, Fuji Prov V 100
SIJI - This Must Be Love (Official Video)

Video Directed and Produced by SIJI & Oluwaseye From my forthcoming EP, 'Sunchild', available for pre-order; The hopeless romantic that I am rarely ever wears my heart on my sleeve. That said, I nonetheless find it miles easier to unveil delicate matters of the hear in song. I count myself blessed and fortunate enough to have tasted and basked in the warmth of one of the most powerful of all human emotions, Love. For time and again I have been floored, crowned, emancipated and empowered by its might and majesty. Thus, I feel compelled to boldly sing, "This Must Be Love", for it has truly found its way into my heart. Edited in FCP7 Graded in Apple Color with FilmConvert

Canon 5D mk III, FJ 8543 VD
Sleepmakeswaves - Great Northern (official music video)

An early labour of love project completed over 8x weekends for Sydney post-rock band Sleepmakewaves. I met Alex from SMW at a Brisbane gig and from there we collaborated to make this simple story about a frustrated scientist converting his thoughts into reality. Building a machine that would allow him to travel as a mysterious energy. Filmed in my old tool shed out in the sticks and out and around the area - this project was completed over 8x weekends with over 30+ visual effects shots.

By Bradley Coomber
C100 mkII, KD P400 Ptra
Small Wonders - StratoStudios - 60 Hour Film Challenge 2015

Short film made for the the Colchester Film Festival 60 Hour Film Challenge 2015.

Directed, filmed and edited by
Ivan D'Antonio

Story by
Ivan D'Antonio, Danil Aceto, Davide Orsini

Davide Orsini

Danil Aceto
Massimiliano D'Aloiso

Sound designer
Simone "zeta" Saccomandi

Set designer / Assistant Producer
Marilisa Speca

Ivan D'Antonio

Produced by


Special thanks
Elide Gavioli, Valentino D'Antonio, Laura Castagna, Stefano Delvecchio, Serena Campa.

Filmed with
Canon C100 mkII, Canon Cinema Eos Primes, Atomos Ninja Star.

Graded with FilmConvert and FCPX

By Ivan D'Antonio
Canon 5D MarkIII, KD 5207 Vis3
Smartick: Online maths for children (4-14 years)

Product video we did for an online company that teaches maths to children with games. We tried to maintain the image as clean as possible while giving an organic look and nice colors. We also tried to be very careful with skin tones. Every screen was replaced in After Effects with the problems and games that the client wanted to appear.

By Isaac