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Canon 5D MKII, Plrd 600
This Land (Vietnam)

My first trip to Vietnam, to this land which is a part of me.
Places visited: Halong Bay, Hanoi, Hue, Hoi An, Saigon, the Mekong delta, Phan Tiet.

" We’re on the 24th of December, here it is, I’m finally in Vietnam. We just landed in Hanoi, capital of the country. It’s a first for me, I’m with my family, with my father who left this country at the age of 18. Since I was a little boy, I dream about making this trip with them, with him. After several hours on a local bus on his way to the East, we are boarding on a junk, heading for the bay of Halong. I’m in the middle of this bay and the sight of these hills tearing open the sea through this mist fascinates me. It’s Christmas Eve, but my mind is elsewhere, being here is my gift.

The next day we are back on the road to the South, and will succeed to each other Hu? and its Imperial city, the astonishing and preserved village of Hoi Han and finaly H? Chí Minh, said Saigon. This last, megalopolis with i

By Arnaud Ly Van Manh
Canon 60D, FJ Velvia 100
Thyone Salinas e André Mendes - Para Lennon e McCartney

The musical meeting of the singer Thyone Salinas and the pianist and composer André Mendes, two great talents of Brazilian music. Thyone - for more than 30 years she is considered by her fans and great musicians who with her played "Elis Regina incarnate", not only for her very similar voice, but mainly for her visceral interpretations. André Mendes, a young and talented pianist who interprets as few of the incomparable arrangements of César Camargo Mariano - ex-husband and great musical partner of Elis Regina.

By Heber Lobato
Canon C100, Canon 5D Mark III, FJ Prov 100, FJ Velv 100
Tiffany Josephs | Promo

Client promotional spot created for Tiffany Josephs, a Life Coach located in Denver, Colorado.

Music licensed through


Canon C100
Canon 5D Mark III

Canon 16-35mm f/2.8
Canon 50mm f/1.2
Canon 24-105mm f/4
Sigma 85mm f/1.4

Sennheiser wireless lav.
Rode VideomicPro

Kessler Crane Pocketjib Traveler
Kessler Crane Pocket Dolly
Wieldy steadicam vest & sled

Graded in After Effects, w/ Colorista II and FilmConvert

By Douglas Koke
Canon 6D, FJ Prov 100
Tigerwine - Sharp Elbows

Canon 6D. Cinestyle.
Graded with FilmConvert 2.0. Workflow in Sony Vegas.

100mm. 14mm. 40mm.

By Thomas Helvenstine
Canon 5D Mark III, FJ Velvia 100
Tokyo Aglow

- Images and Music by Justin Tierney - Tokyo Aglow is a time-lapse tour of the Japanese capital by road and rail. An automated monorail flows through Odaiba and arrives downtown. A taxi whips to converging clusters of crowds in Shibuya. Scores surge and stream, tangle and scramble. Weaving and knotting, the masses of people rhythmically engage with the machinery of modern life. Japanese inspired chords underpin the music of the piano. Trombone, trumpet and violin map to the patterns recurrent and emergent. Crosswalk chimes, chirps and cuckoos echo into the night. - - - The time-lapses were shot in raw (with a 5D Mark III and a Sony A7s) developed in Lightroom, edited and color graded with the help of FilmConvert in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. I composed the music at the piano with paper and pencil, input it into Finale 2014, recorded the music into Pro Tools in two separate recording sessions, processed the field recording in Ableton and Max MSP, and executed the final edits in Adob

By Justin Tierney
Canon EOS C100, FJ 8543 VD

“The sunrise is G-d’s greeting – the sunset, His signature.” I set out to capture a short piece that would paint this spectacle and enable Sydneysiders to share this moment we are able to experience every evening with their friends and family across the world.

'Tomorrow' is a film that captures the beauty and emotion of a sunset in Sydney behind the city skyline. To me, a sunset is about the ending of 24 hours and the transition to a new day, a time we are able to reflect on the past, enjoy the present and contemplate our future. 'Tomorrow' was filmed from Rose Bay and Dover Heights over a period of two sunsets.

For licensing enquiries, you can contact me via Vimeo or my website.

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Graded using FilmConvert

Music: Found, Ryan Taubert

By Asher Shellim
Canon 1DC and Canon 5D M3, FJ 8543 VD
Vídeo Clipe | Grupo Casa de Choro (Film Convert)

Gravado ao vivo no dia 13 de Março de 2014 no Espaço Rústico em Americana/SP.

Produção musical: Rodrigo Mouraes
Áudio mixado e finalizado no Estúdio Arte Rítmica

Direção/Direção de Fotografia: Marcelo Borelli
Cinegrasfistas: Ricardo Suzigan e Paulo Henrique Jão
Edição e finalização: Marcelo Borelli

Vídeo produzido por MB Filmes (

By Marcelo Borelli
Canon 5D MkIII, FJ Velv 100
Visit Madeira. Once here, enjoy the journey.

"On a motorcycle the frame is gone. You're completely in contact with it all. You're in the scene, not just watching it anymore, and the sense of presence is overwhelming."
Robert M. Pirsig

Promotional video for Madeira Sidecar Tours
Shot in Madeira Island, Portugal

Featuring Ural Motorcycle Sidecar 1 Andrea, Lia and Filipe, Sidecar 2 Vitor & Dulce
Direction, editing, camera Nuno Serrão
Camera & assistant director Pedro Sousa
Music Coast by Johan Rodrigues (edited)
Production assistants Cláudio Serrão, João Matos

Final grading with FilmConvert.

By Nuno Serrão
canon 6d, FJ Velv 100
Visual App - Your ideas come alive [Windows Store] [FilmConvert]

Visual App - Available now on the Windows Store. Title: Visual App - Your ideas come alive. Music: Kill for Love - Chromatics Client Visual Group Inc Producer Director/DP/VFX Gaston M Camera Florencia F B We want to thank Uruguay's CCE (Spain Cultural Center) for the generosity and kindness in giving us the location to film.

By Gaston Morixe
Canon C300, Fujifilm 8563 RL
Waking Up

This is a little piece I put together to celebrate one of my favourite times of year, Autumn. Shot in Richmond Park London, one Sunday morning in the beginning of October. Edited on FCPX and graded using FilmConvert.

Canon C300
24-70mm f/2.8 Canon
70-200mm f/2.8 Canon
24mm f/2.5 Mitakon
50mm f/1.9 Auto Chinon
400mm f/5.9 Access
Mantrotto 525/503 sticks and head
Varavon 1200mm Slider
Sennheiser K6/ME64 Mic

Music: 'Jack's Dream' by M83, Anthony Gonzalez & Joseph Trapanese from the movie Oblivion.

By Tim Jolly
Canon C100, FJ 8553 ET

At 85 years old, organic raisin farmer and lifelong river advocate Walt Shubin is not slowing down. He has dedicated the last 65 years of his life to restoring California’s once-mighty San Joaquin River to the wild glory he remembers as a young boy. Driven by his passion for the river, and despite worn out knees and joints, he takes us on a journey to help us understand why this river is so important to all of us as well.

Learn more about the San Joaquin River and take action to restore its health at

Director: Justin Clifton

Editors: Chris Cresci & Justin Clifton

Cinematographer: Chris Cresci

Featuring: Walt Shubin

Location: Kerman, California

Abstract Aprils, The Weight of Familiarity
Blake Ewing, Ocean Run
Matthew Kidd, A Reflective Conversation in Bb

graded with FilmConvert.

By Chris
Canon 5D MKII, Kd 5213 Vis3
Warum Nicht! - Kurzfilm

Ein halbes Jahr nach dem Klinikaufenthalt trifft sich eine Therapiegruppe im privaten Umfeld um eine Bilanz zu ziehen.

After half a year a therapy group is getting together to make up a balance.

Graded with FilmConvert.

By MIDSIDE Productions
Canon 5D MKII, FJ Velv 100, KD TrX 400 & FJ Neo
Woebegone (Short film)

Beluneu Films' presents...

WOEBEGONE /ˈwəʊbɪɡɒn/ adjective -- sad or miserable in appearance.

Have you ever had that feeling where everything is just meaningless you just want to make your own end? But then you just don't know how or where or simply, you just need help...

Original concept by:
Shariza Wahyuna

Edited by:
Amali Hj Roslin

Cinematography by:
Abu Hurairah Hj Mohamad

Special Effects by:
Wafiq HMY

Graded with FilmConvert

By Amali Hj Roslin
Canon C100, Gh4, FUJI 8563
You Betta Belize It

Its my first documentary went to the beautiful country of Belize and captured my home church's first mission trip. My weapons of choice are GH4 and C100. Color graded with Film convert and Final cut x

By AJ Francois
Canon 1DX MKII, FJ H160s Pro

Passion project based on the poem by Carl Sandburg, shot on Canon 1DX Mark II w/Rokinon Cine DS primes, Panasonic GH4 mounted on DJI Ronin-M, and DJI Inspire 1. Graded with FilmConvert. Featured on Film Shortage as a Daily Short Pick. PRODUCTION: Block One Studios ( DIRECTORS: Dominic DiMaria, Geno DiMaria PRODUCERS: Dominic DiMaria, Geno DiMaria, Chad Stembridge CINEMATOGRAPHY: Geno DiMaria, Chad Stembridge DRONE PILOT: Chad Stembridge VOICE-OVER: Dave Pettitt EDITOR: Geno DiMaria PRODUCTION ASSISTANTS: Nate Crockett, Kevin Bianchi

By Geno DiMaria