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Sony A7s2, FJ 8543 VD
The Sparkle

getting ready: venue: music: dress (groom) & accessories: photography: cake: used FilmConvert in creating

By Sascha Lautersack
Sony a6300, KD 5207 Vis3

BoogieMADE ® is the dopest streetwear & lifestyle label for the worldwide electronic dance movement. With our roots in the underground, we capture the evolving constructs of dance music through the visual language of design. Let's Boogie. BoogieMADE: Music By: Dog Blood - Middle Fingers pt. 2 (Alesia Remix) Dog Blood: Filmconvert

By Bryant
Sony A7s mkII , FJ Prov 100

I recorded this one shot video with the Rainbow Girls in November of 2016. We wanted the video to be an intimate performance with an "old photo album" look that the FilmConvert Provia provided so nicely. With its warm, neutral, almost wooden feel brings you into the performers space. I wanted this video to be primarily to be about the performance, music, and art direction. Hopefully leave it as "Raw" as possible. But I love color! So I shot it in a "flat" picture profile Slog3 Sgamut3 knowing I could bake in the color later with some tasty FilmConvert and gain a little extra dynamic range by doing so. I recorded the music on a Zoom H6 using a Sterling Audio ST-69 condenser mic and preamp with no post manipulation, just gain trimmed at the recorder. I hope ya'll enjoy. Keep up the excellent work. Cheers, Alex Wolfe (Artistic Director-Time Machine Media)

By Alex Wolfe