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sony fs700, FJ 8543 VD
? Nushy - Wanna Be My Cowboy ? [HD] (Fame & Flame) Directed by : Robert Hedzet D.O.P : Blaž Gregoric Make-Up & Hair : Petra Fröhlich Styling : Petra Fröhlich Editing : Fame & Flame Team Color : Robert Hedzet (with FilmConvert)) Cast : Mitja Laznik, Tibor Golob, Roko Djuric, Luka Plazina, Toni Jureško, Martin Roncevic, Alen Softic, Karlo Bracic Photography : Tibor Golob Location : Buffalo Bill City Vrsi Special thanks : Big thanks go to shop CHILLUM, Sl.Gradec, for renting clothes and unique jewelry! Sedlarstvo Orter, Usnjarstvo Handanovic, Blaž Apacnik, Mark Smrtnik, Marjan Krajnc, Cross Country Club Legen and Mateja Koprivec - Palomino d.o.o. for renting riding equipment!! Buffalo Bill City Vrsi (Zadar), Ivanica Bukva, Sanja Lukic Bukva, Robert Perko Sponsors; Generalni sponzor - Mehiška restavracija SALOON - Zavarovalnica Maribor - New Yorker Store - Company Vabo - Company Acron - Medikem - Royal Pub - Pristar - Gradbeništvo Kuster Bo

By Robert Hedzet
sony fs700, FJ 8543 VD
? Tekochee Kru - Se vozim ? [HD]

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD : Directed by: Robert Hedzet D.O.P: Blaž Gregoric aerial shots: Aleš Bajc ( Makeup/hair: Petra Fröhlich Edit : Mitja Mitruševski Cast: Marin Šebalj - Kuna, Matic Silc, Marisa Anušic, Svetlana Arsic, Iris Avdic, Špela Lavrinc, Giovanni Nezlomljivi, Peter Jereb, Matej Razpet, Stanci, Prelc, Rudan editing: Fame & Flame Team special effects: Ghost color correction : Robert Hedzet (with FilmConvert) special thanks : GT22, Robert Perko, Band Super Action Heroes, Družina Jereb, Special Guest : Dino Hajderovic Booking & PR for FF: Petra Fröhlich Prvi single in videospot: Se vozim Kakšna je lahko pot, ko avto napolnijo bizarni liki, ki se med seboj ne poznajo? Kaj se zgodi, ko Batman po prekrokani noci sredi ceste pozabi odklenjen Batmobil? Kakšen je ulov perverzneža, ki mu misli okupirajo študentke v iskanju prevozov in denarja? Mariborski rap kolektiv Tekochee Kru pr

By Robert Hedzet
a7S?, Plrd 600
【Japan】4K:Ryuji + Natsuki Engagement Film

This Engagement Film was shot by Sony α7SⅡ(Internal 4K recording) and edited by FinalCutProX with FilmConvert Pro.(convert to KD P400 Ptra)

Sony A7S, FJ Prov 100
Annie + Gany | Little Summer in Komodo

Love begins a moment, grows over time, and lasts an eternity.

By Sancaka Candraditya
Sony A7S, Canon 5D Mark III, Kd 5213 Vis3
Another Pizza, Another Chapter (Chapman Version) - Chapman University Dodge College 2016

Connecting my life back to a pizza was my concept for an application video to Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts Fall 2016. Although I wish I had more time, this was the final version that was submitted in my art supplement.

Submit a self-introductory video essay (2 minutes max.) without appearing in the video in any way (including any photographs of yourself). The video should highlight something about yourself, your personality, or your interests not related to film. Your film should demonstrate your abilities in visual story-telling and creativity rather than technical abilities.

Directed By: Andrew Phan
Cinematography By: Andrew Phan & Marcus Soto
Written By: Andrew Phan
Edited By: Andrew Phan

We All Play A Part - Musicbed

Special Thanks To:
Pieology - Woodland Hills

The project was shot on a Sony A7S as well as a Canon 5D Mark III. Film Convert's Kodak Vision 3 5213 was applied to give a more cinematic look which o

By Andrew Phan
Sony FS7, FJ AST 100
Another Place

This short promo is a brief glimpse into the creative life and mind of Katie Julia, an incredibly talented artist, photographer and musician.

We spent a day in the studio and a day at the beach to briefly get across what inspires her work and her unique style.

Shot on the Sony FS7 with S-LOG 3 and edited and graded with Premiere CC14 and FilmConvert.

For more information on Katie and her work please visit

By Richard Adam Bailey