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SONY FS700, KD 5207 Vis3
The Guainumbi

The Guainumbi is a person that tries to make the change within themselves.. because they have realized that when they change, the world changes around them.. and they have learned that this is the only way they will get the world they desire.. This mini documentary show us that with small acts, we can inspire others towards the creation of a more ecological world.

By Suguru
Sony A7sii, FJ Velvia 100
Ojai Valley “Shangri-La”

Laura and Lauran were married under one of the many oak trees at Ojai Valley Inn which is great symbol of lasting marriage. As Laura mentioned the scenic venue provided a lot of great atmosphere without needing much added to it. Her style seemed to favor a timeless approach and she chose a photographer who shoots film which you don't see often these days. I choose to grade the film with a heavy film look to match the feel getting away from the latest push for ultra high sharp looking videos and staying away from effects like slow motion and drones. I prefer to focus on the important moments of the day by being patient and letting the action unfold in front of the camera rather than chasing it or setting up fake scenarios. Natural emotion, solid composition, finding the light and great audio are to me what makes this film stand apart. The music was licensed via the Musicbed and I choose to edit this film in mostly sequential manner rather than jumping around too much so the energy woul

By Robert Schwieger
Sony FS700R, FJ Velv 100
Fully Loaded

Written, Shot, & Edited in 48hrs from a genre randomly assigned on April 1st. Genre: Buddy Film Required Elements Prop: An Orange Line of Dialogue: "Is that the best you could find" Character: Les Bootsley, a contractor Director/DP/Editor/Producer: Paul Abbaszadeh Writer/Producer: Nicole Sima Original Music: Sean Soto 2nd Unit Director: Jerry Pham Aerial Photography: Sonny Windstrup Location Manager: Emerson Tran Script Supervisor: Sean Peckhart Craft Services: Louise Dang CAST Ryan Gallagher as Mitch Michelson Russell Brown as Eugene Edwards Kimmie Rodriguez as Joey Cappenetti Rodrigo Magana as Juan Naranjas Geoff Farrell as Les Bootsley Shot entirely on location in beautiful, Long Beach, CA Filmed with the Sony FS700R + Convergent Design Odyssey 7Q in 4KtoHD mode Aerials filmed with the DJI Phantom 3 Professional Color graded with FilmConvert & Red Giant Mojo Featuring "Everybody's Talkin'" & "Cali to Queens" by COMPLEX

By Paul Abbaszadeh
Sony A7Sii, FJ SuperX 400
Texas A&M College of Nursing Promo

Up until a few ago, all that I knew about nurses was that they were nice people that worked in hospitals. Because I dislike nothing more than getting sick or injured I actively avoided hospitals, and thereby most nurses. This all changed when Texas A&M University's College of Nursing reached out to me about filming a promotional video showing why nurses are awesome, and more importantly, why Aggie nurses are the absolute best. Since both my wife and I are Aggies, of course we jumped at the chance to revisit College Station, eat tacos at Fuego, and film something special for the College of Nursing. My fears of hospitals were put aside as we filmed nurses in training, forensic nurses, nurse classes, and even a flight nurse. Which means, you guessed it, I got to fly in a helicopter - EASILY one of the coolest things I've ever done. Throughout it all, the students at the College of Nursing impressed both of us with their character, heart, and health knowledge. I'm not saying I want t

By Matt Johnson
Sony A7s, KD 5207 Vis3
27 Gallons

Set in the bleak future, in a time when the California drought has gotten worse than ever, a sudden raging tornado has sent most people fleeing to relocation communities in the mid-west. This story follows a grandfather desperate to help his granddaughter stay alive as she suffers from extreme sickness and fatigue due to the arid conditions. In a small demolished town, he makes a deal to keep her alive.

By Jeremy Liguori
A7RII, KD 5213 Vis3
The Elmwood Fund

For over 100 years, girls in green have walked through the doors of this school and were inspired to learn. This is where they have learned to write, to add and subtract, to sing, dance and act, to shoot a foul shot and serve an ace. This is where they have learned to formulate an argument, develop a hypothesis and come to a conclusion. They’ve learned about friendship, about respect and about good citizenship. Inside these walls, they’ve learned how to learn, how to be heard, and how to feel good about themselves. None of this is possible without the community that surrounds and supports this special place. The community that has made these girls their first priority; that invested and believed in them. The community that ensures our girls continue to enjoy an unrivalled educational experience here at Elmwood. Follow in the footsteps of those who have demonstrated their belief in Elmwood, its mission and the promise of every Elmwood girl with a gift to the Elmwood Fund.

By Jordan Wiens