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Sony a7s, FJ 8543 VD
One Day With The European Champion - Marijo Moznik

Promotional web video for croatian athlete Marijo Moznik. Another interesting challenge that I had as a director and cinematographer. In mid March 2016 I had to make a short promo video for one of the best gymnast in Croatia, European champion Marijo Možnik. His sponsors Red Bull, Audi and Tag Heuer wanted a dynamic 2.5 minute long film about one day in his life, partially filmed from his point of view. Main target were social networks, media and other promotional channels and main goal was to promote Marijo as an athlete but also to present a little bit of his private life to the audience. After detailed briefing and meetings, shooting started in the end of March. It took two days and 6 locations both in and outdoors. I had a very precise schedule without any deviations, although I filmed 10-12 hours per day. The most demanding spot was Sokol gym hall in center of Zagreb. The building itself is very old with poor natural lighting and to make things even worse, very bad neon lights

By Goran Razic
A7s Mark 1, KD 5207 Vis3
THE QUANTUM ARTIST | Jasmine Pradissitto

This video I produced for free lance artist Jasmine Pradissitto. Working with the client we decided to make a hybrid video a blend of a commercial and documentary style. Jasmine's work is based on colour and light so it was vital that the colour work I did in post did her pieces justice. FilmConvert was a vital element to give the film the look I wanted. This was my first commercial project after leaving school so feedback is much appreciated. Thanks and enjoy the film! Crispin Hutton

By Crispin Hutton
Lensbender, A7s mk2, FJ 8543 VD

A journey though a strange new world. Forgotten paths and back roads leaving nothing but fragmented memories and dissonant soundscapes. Souvenir is collection of imagery form South East Asia.

By James
Sony A7S, KD P400 Ptra
Meghan & Matthew Rhoades Wedding

Last Fall, on a crisp autumn evening in Oct, I had the pleasure of capturing Meghan & Matthew Rhoades wedding at Oxon Hill Manor in Maryland. Working alongside talented photog, Kate Palker, and her great stable of shooters from Pearly Kate Photography, I was able to record every milestone of the big day. Running the show was Tori from Candy + Company, making sure the whole event came together perfectly. Last but not least, Meghan and Matthew's friends and family came out in full force to support their loved ones. And the trailer above is mere snapshot of the love and affection that went into making such a lovely day possible.

By Edwin J. Koester Jr.
Sony A7S, KD TrX 400
Music & Arts - “Hold On”

Over a year ago, Music & Arts began developing its very first brand commercial. With big ideas and little resources, we kept circling back on the phrase "Hold On." To us, in relation to music, it had multiple meanings. On one hand, it was quite literal: Hold on to your instrument. On the other hand, it was wonderfully etherial: Once music takes hold of your life...hold on! Music changes everything. Satisfied with both meanings, we set out to tell that story using only hands. Over the course of 4 weeks, we were fortunate enough to shoot at a multitude of Music & Arts retail locations, with a handful of music students at Berkeley Springs Highschool in WV, and at the prestigious Strathmore Music Center in Bethesda, MD. Finally, bookending the piece, is a simple story of a father, a daughter, and the power of holding on to one's very first musical instrument. Not only does music change everything. It enriches as well.

By Edwin J. Koester Jr.