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Sony A7s, FJ 8563 RL
The Call

I tried something new for the first time ever. Which I suppose is slightly redundant, since anything that is new would thereby be something experienced for the first time... But I digress.

I created a character who recently lost someone and struggled to somehow find a way to move on. It's quite hard separating yourself (me, a super happy person) from a character you're portraying sometimes, which was something I totally didn't expect. It was a great learning experience, and I'd love to create more work like this as I slowly get more and more into video creation/directing.

I'm sorry for creating such a depressing video from out of nowhere, haha, but I just felt moved to do so once it started, and hope that you all enjoy it as much as I did.

Camera: Sony A7s, Zeiss 55mm f1.8
Color Grading: FilmConvert
Audio: iPhone 5
Music: The Music Bed

By Matthew Dale Hogan
Sony A7s, FJ 8553 ET
Phoenix Rising 270414 / Film Convert

I know not when you first arrived. The facts are clear, there are reports, documentation stating the day, date and even down to the very second of your birth. Yes, all this is very clear. And still with all these facts I am still unclear as to your first arrival.
I shall explain, feebly stumbling through my thoughts, however I shall articulate to the best of my ability at this conundrum.
I woke one morning, no more remarkable then any other morning, but for one little thing. I, for the life of me, cannot remember what life was like before you. Certainly events and places, things one can mark on a calendar or write in a journal But for me, I can’t remember what it felt like when you were not there. Life without you never existed, never was and can never be. You my son, and I who wanted a girl, another daughter to hold and love. Another who is everything I am not. And then they announced it was a boy. My boy. Life without you never existed for you have always been there, n

By Marcus Theodor
Sony FS700, FJ Velv 100
Beautiful Calgary

The beautiful city I grew up in.

Edited in Premiere Pro CC
Graded using Film Convert

By Jaimie Stewart
Sony FS700, FJ H160s Pro
Sun Chasers

Sun Chasers is a short film I made on a Sunday afternoon with breakdancers Preston Kyd & Tarquin Samuels, and is one many "just for fun" videos I will be uploading on my personal channel from now on.

The title is derived from the fact that we were chasing the sun, rushing from location to location, trying to shoot after the harsh sunlight faded and just before the sun set. We filmed around various locations of our hometown in Durban, South Africa.

Breakdance is a beautiful form of expression, there is something captivating and unreal about being in mid air for just over 1 second, whether you're the dancer or the viewer, you

can't help but say "Wow."

I aimed to prolong that "Wow" moment with the use of super slow motion. I hope you enjoy watching this and this if you have any technical questions, just leave a comment!

The track, used with kind permission, is Katy B - 5AM (Sketchy Bongo Remix)

By Yash Bagwandeen
sony fs700, FJ 8543 VD
? Nushy - Wanna Be My Cowboy ? [HD] (Fame & Flame) Directed by : Robert Hedzet D.O.P : Blaž Gregoric Make-Up & Hair : Petra Fröhlich Styling : Petra Fröhlich Editing : Fame & Flame Team Color : Robert Hedzet (with FilmConvert)) Cast : Mitja Laznik, Tibor Golob, Roko Djuric, Luka Plazina, Toni Jureško, Martin Roncevic, Alen Softic, Karlo Bracic Photography : Tibor Golob Location : Buffalo Bill City Vrsi Special thanks : Big thanks go to shop CHILLUM, Sl.Gradec, for renting clothes and unique jewelry! Sedlarstvo Orter, Usnjarstvo Handanovic, Blaž Apacnik, Mark Smrtnik, Marjan Krajnc, Cross Country Club Legen and Mateja Koprivec - Palomino d.o.o. for renting riding equipment!! Buffalo Bill City Vrsi (Zadar), Ivanica Bukva, Sanja Lukic Bukva, Robert Perko Sponsors; Generalni sponzor - Mehiška restavracija SALOON - Zavarovalnica Maribor - New Yorker Store - Company Vabo - Company Acron - Medikem - Royal Pub - Pristar - Gradbeništvo Kuster Bo

By Robert Hedzet
sony fs700, FJ 8543 VD
? Tekochee Kru - Se vozim ? [HD]

FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD : Directed by: Robert Hedzet D.O.P: Blaž Gregoric aerial shots: Aleš Bajc ( Makeup/hair: Petra Fröhlich Edit : Mitja Mitruševski Cast: Marin Šebalj - Kuna, Matic Silc, Marisa Anušic, Svetlana Arsic, Iris Avdic, Špela Lavrinc, Giovanni Nezlomljivi, Peter Jereb, Matej Razpet, Stanci, Prelc, Rudan editing: Fame & Flame Team special effects: Ghost color correction : Robert Hedzet (with FilmConvert) special thanks : GT22, Robert Perko, Band Super Action Heroes, Družina Jereb, Special Guest : Dino Hajderovic Booking & PR for FF: Petra Fröhlich Prvi single in videospot: Se vozim Kakšna je lahko pot, ko avto napolnijo bizarni liki, ki se med seboj ne poznajo? Kaj se zgodi, ko Batman po prekrokani noci sredi ceste pozabi odklenjen Batmobil? Kakšen je ulov perverzneža, ki mu misli okupirajo študentke v iskanju prevozov in denarja? Mariborski rap kolektiv Tekochee Kru pr

By Robert Hedzet
Sony Fs700 + metabones speed booster / Canon 5D mark 3, KD Vision 3 / KD TrX 400
Uganda 2014 - intro clip

Dubbed ‘the pearl of Africa’ by Sir Winston Churchill, Uganda is one of the continent’s most beautiful and welcoming countries.

Documentary Film about Batwa Tribe and Kabale

Directed, Filmed and Edited by Ionut Turda

Edited in Premiere CC
Color grading: Colorista II and Film Convert

Canon 5Dmark3
Sony Fs700 + metabones speed booster

Canon L series

By Daniel Turda
Sony FS700, KD TrX 400 35mmm Full Frame
Behemoth "Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel" Official Video

Directed by


Produced by

Cinematography by


Editing by

Production Design by
Maciej "Sruba" Cygal
Luiza Zimerman

Costume Band Design by

Costume Models Design by

Makeup Department

Casting by

Production Manager

Still Photographer

Special Effects by

Visual Effects by
PAWEL “HESUS” BIALOWAS By grupa13spzoo

Sony FS700, FJ 8553 ET
A moment with Sol

My nephew Sam has a fascination and colossal knowledge of Birds. For his birthday, he had the chance to fly a Harris Hawk named Sol. This short film captures that moment.

Soundtrack by M83 from 'Oblivion' original motion picture soundtrack
Shot on Sony FS700, graded using FilmConvert

By Danny Cooke