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Sony Alpha 6300, FJ 8543 VD

Hoje Eu Ia Terminar (Thales Lessa) Hoje eu ia terminar Acho que não dá certo mais Muita discussão pra pouco beijo Nosso amor também nunca foi perfeito mas Hoje eu ia terminar Fiz outros planos na minha mente Já que os planos que eu fiz pra você Já não eram mais suficientes Deu raiva Das suas indiretas de desconfiança Dizendo que tem gente esperando um deslize meu Que o meu coração não era 100% seu E voltando atrás Eu ia terminar só se você dissesse Que não me amava mais Aonde que eu ia Sem o amor da minha vida O meu coração não ia ter perna pra dobrar a esquina voltaria Era só um medo E você entrou em desespero Se tá dizendo que me ama Não vai me perder tão cedo Nem tão tarde Nem nunca mais FICHA TÉCNICA Música: Hoje eu ia terminar Compositor: Thales Lessa Produção musical: Ramon Almeida e Thales Lessa Direção e Edição: Saulo Emerson Diretor de fotografia: João Sousa Diretor de arte: Emanuel Anderson Direção e Pro

By Saulo Emerson de Sousa
Panasonic GH5, FJ SuperX 400
Broken Headlight

Music video for Newtown Keezy - directed by Fred Kalil, photography by Christopher Adcock.

By Christopher Adcock
Sony A7s mk II, FJ Prov 100
I Have Never Loved Someone Like You

"I Have Never Loved Someone Like You" A song by Guido Block. Script, direction and editing by Antonio Capra. Graded with FilmConvert. "Young Block": Alberto Guerra , Dance scene choreography: Comasia Palazzo.

By Antonio Capra
Sony A7rii , KD 5207 Vis3
I'm A Woman

With our amazing small crew, most talented high school students and a small girl, we successfully created a deep and heartfelt story from the incredible musician, Cava Menzies. With a 17hr all day shoot by the pacific coast, it was freezing, tiring but fully inspired by the music. A story that flows into an experience that a teacher at an arts school witnessed 2 of her students loss. A story on how being a woman is the hardest role in humanity but proves to be be strongest vessel in our lives. This is what we've created so enjoy!

By Mogli Maureal
C300 Mark II, KD 5207 Vis3
Savannah Low - I Did Something Bad (Taylor Swift Cover)

Savannah Low, a Dallas native, is working on her latest EP and as a precursor felt it best to shoot a music video for her cover of I Did Something Bad by Taylor Swift. Savannah knew what she wanted, so she brought in the team of talented artists around her to make it all possible. ———— Talent: Savannah Low Dancers: Kortani Rettig & Kelsey Jaggers DP: Joshua Fortuna Director: Sara Nimeh HMU: Meagan D’Von Grips: Yesi Sukilynn Fortuna & Ashley Valle

By Joshua Fortuna
Canon C300 Mark II, IL D400
DEAN FOREVER – Could This Be Ok?

DEAN FOREVER encounter a mysterious Orb. Kiah develops a possessive bond, but must accept that the Orb's destiny lies on a different path. A music video by co-directors James Baker & Alison Woodward, cinematographer James Ward-Miller, and costume designer Jordan Bishop of Closet Mod. Filmed in the Naracoorte Caves World Heritage site, South Australia.

By James Baker
Sony FS5, KD P400 Ptra
Corbin - Hunker Down

Corbin, formerly known worldwide as Spooky Black, returns with a cinematic visual for “Hunker Down,” taken from his debut album Mourn. The forest is not only present, but central. Corbin is heading up north, to "where 61 touches the waterline," referencing the highway that traces Minnesota's arrowhead, along the western edge of Lake Superior. The woods are an escape, and it can be a crushing one. / NPR While shot in two Wisconsin towns not far from Corbin’s home of St. Paul, the video could be seen as a personal one for director, Braden Lee as well. Not only did he write, produce, direct, shoot and edit the project in just three weeks, Lee also hails from Minnesota and, as he shared with us, the cement pouring scene was filmed in a quarry he “spent many summers as a kid.” / BOOOOOOOM Think: wide shots of barren landscapes, close-ups of smoking Cadillacs, and a really really unnerving high pitched whine. And that's just the intro. Think also: a really good, slow, moody tune that'l

By Braden Smith
Phantom Miro , FJ 8543 VD
The Graeme Watkins Project "Love In Abundance"

A music video that exudes the ideals of youth and freedom through a colour-filled frenzy - The video was shot at 1000 frames per second to portray a concept indicative of the longevity life; you catch yourself blinking and before you know it, it is over. The Music Video was shot and directed by Rick Joaquim and would not have been possible without an amazing team consisting of the film crew, dancers, models and the band.

By Rick Joaquim
Canon 60D, FJ Ast 100
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

A desk job man finds a drinking problem, but finally realizes that there is more to life then work.

By Matthew Duplissey