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GH2-GH4 & GoPro, FJ AST 100
FilmConvert-Remnants of Ruminents

The second single off Bill Morris' album Hinterland is all about a road journey, a lost love, yearning for a countryside that was and a canary yellow holden. Enjoy.

By Mark R Orton
Sony A7s, Fuji 8563 RL
Fine, It's Pink — Young Burns (Official Video)

The official video for 'Young Burns' by Fine, It’s Pink

Directed — Iustin Surpănelu
DOP — Ovidiu Grămesc
Styling — Silvia Aștilean
Editing — Iustin Surpănelu
Colourist & Post-production — Iustin Surpănelu | Graded with FilmConvert
Actors — Alexandru Ion, Ali Deac, Ana Covalciuc, Csilla Albert, B. Fülöp Erzsébet, Irina Drăgănescu, Lucian Teodor Rus, Ruxandra Maniu, Silva Helena Schmidt & Szász Réka
10 FOR FILM Project Coordinator — Ileana Cecanu
Project assistants — Levente Molnar, Dimény Áron
Producers — Monica Felea, Anca Macoviciuc


Music by Fine, It’s Pink
Lyrics by Ioana Lefter

Stream ‘Young Burns’ on:
Soundcloud –
Deezer –
Spotify –
Rdio –

Purchase ‘Young Burns’ from:
Bandcamp –
iTunes –
Amazon –

By iustin
7D, Several
Fire and Water

WARNING: Mature Content including implied sexual acts and violence. Viewer discretion advised.

Created for the band, Many Of Odd Nature, from three separate live performances.
Each show was a two camera shoot.

Film Convert gave me the ability to create several Filmstock looks.

Medium Budget


By Jonathan personal Invited?
Sony A7s, Fuji Provia 100

A short film depicting a young girls inner struggle to fight being bullied.

Made in collaboration with Filter Film.

Shot on Sony A7s and graded using FilmConvert plugin.

Directing & script - Arne Kristoffer Wang Holthe
Producer - Morten Lindemann Olsen
Cinematography - Rasmus F. Quistgaard
Music - Altmodisch, My old dear friend

By Rasmus Quistgaard
Canon 5D Mk3 / GoPro4, KD 5207 Vis3
Flight Brigade - Housefire (Official Music Video)

Set in the Welsh mountains and following the story of girl fleeing the powerful influence of her past, 'Housefire' was made on a budget of zero pounds (but a bucketload of dedication and love) by the brother of the lead singer and the brother of the lead girl.

Directed and filmed by Seth Baines and Pascal Hughes
Aerial footage pilot: Ian Hunter
Additional aerial footage: Ollie Denny
Visual compositing: Nick D'aguiar
Editor: Seth Baines ( using FCPX + FilmConvert
Primary location scout: Pascal Hughes
Design & web: Swerve Concepts
Photography: Seth Baines

Cast: Oliver Baines, Dorry Macaulay, Jonny Barker, Thomas Pink, Tom Clay, Neil Blandford and Miriam Baines.

Extra special thanks: Jesse Baines, Mimi & Pat Baines, Bridget & Jim Hughes, The Kirbys, Gione da Silva, Timmy Barker, Matt Winter & Family, RJ Macaulay, Sara Read, Isabelle Rodker and Mike Brear.


By Seth Baines
5D mark III and 6D, FJ 8543 VD
FONTE DE INSPIRAÇÃO · Filipe Burgonovo (FilmConvert)


Filipe Burgonovo mostra sua arte e conta um pouco sobre a inspiração e relação com a natureza que a música proporciona.

Vídeo participante do FilmConvert Cinematography Competition 2015.

Filipe Burgonovo:
Perseverança \

By Kaio
Canon 5D mk111, Fuji Velvia
Frankie Davies "Shivers" (Official Video)

Shivers is my second collaboration with 22 year old Jersey Singer/Songwriter Frankie Davies and is taken from the forthcoming EP 'Dancing All Night". The film was shot entirely on location in Jersey, Channel Islands.

Director, DoP, Editor: Simon Edwards
Producer: Niall Mac
Ast/Additional Camera: Anna Somma

Canon 5D mk3 with Atomos Ninja Blade
Edited & Graded in FCP X with FilmConvert

Thanks to everyone who helped with the making of this video:
Francis, Billy, Pollyanna, Dan, Linden, Laura & Grace.
Fort Regent, Jersey

Shivers Release Date - 01/02/2015
Order now -

By Simon Edwards
Canon 5D Mk III, FJ Velvia 100

A music video revolving around the theme of betrayal, murder and heartbreak. TECH STUFF Camera: Canon 5Dmk iii (ML firmware) Lens: Samyang 85mm/50mm/24mm T1.5 Filter: Tiffen Black Pro Mist 1/2, Tiffen Black Pro Mist 1/4, Syrp Variable ND Colour Grading: After Effects (VisionColor Impulz LUTs, and Filmconvert) Processing: VisionLOG RAW

By Sean O'Neill
Panasonic GH4, KD 5207 Vis3
Free "Anthony Paul"

This music video is for Cleveland, Ohio recording artist and The Voice contestant Anthony Paul. Anthony and 3 of the member's of the video team for this video grew up in Twinsburg, Ohio. Each of them moved to Los Angeles separately but linked up after a few months to shoot this video for Anthony. The song, "Free", carries a message of freeing yourself to achieve your goals. The visuals of the video and the choreography go hand and hand starting in black and white on a background with a deep white abyss. The song slowly transitions to a colorful "freeing" mountain landscape. As a team, we looked to no software other than Film Convert to finish off this video and give it the look we imagined.

By Logan Powaski