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Sony Fs5, FJ 8543 VD
American Cinematography

Cindy Lee Berryhill, who long ago wrote a song called "Damn, Wish I were A Man," (you should check it) has her first new album out in 10 years, it's called THE ADVENTURIST, and we made this little echo of Andy Warhol's screen tests.

By Matthew Kohn
Sony A6500, FJ 8553 ET
GOMMA - "Vicolo Spino" / LIVEZERO #04

Un brano suonato dal vivo senza pubblico registrato e ripreso in uno scenario completamente bianco e un’ambientazione hi-tech. LIVEZERO è il nuovo format ideato da DEPOSITO ZERO STUDIOS (, studio di registrazione e casa di produzione video di Forlì, che ospiterà nel suo teatro di posa le migliori novità musicali sulla scena. I protagonisti dell'episodio #04 sono i GOMMA, giovane quartetto casertano che ha appena pubblicato il disco d'esordio "Toska" su V4V . La band post-punk/emocore formata da Giovanni Fusco, Ilaria Formisano, Matteo Tedesco e Paolo Tedesco, ha presentato per la prima volta in un video live ufficiale "Vicolo Spino". Audio registrato e mixato da Francesco Pontillo e Marco Battistini Video ripreso e montato da Walter Molfese

By Walter
Canon 60D, FJ Velvia 100
Thyone Salinas e André Mendes - Para Lennon e McCartney

The musical meeting of the singer Thyone Salinas and the pianist and composer André Mendes, two great talents of Brazilian music. Thyone - for more than 30 years she is considered by her fans and great musicians who with her played "Elis Regina incarnate", not only for her very similar voice, but mainly for her visceral interpretations. André Mendes, a young and talented pianist who interprets as few of the incomparable arrangements of César Camargo Mariano - ex-husband and great musical partner of Elis Regina.

By Heber Lobato
Sony a7s ii, FJ Velvia 100
Music Video

TERI YAAD | JAAN & ARYA | New Video Songs 2017 Artist: Jaan & Arya Song: Teri Yaad Music Director: Jaan & Arya Music Arrangement: Sameer Mix & Master: P.A.Deepak Female Actor: Marlene Marie Lyrics: Rakesh Director: Deepak Sharma DOP/Editor: Studio de 3 Productions Video Production: Welcome to Music World ❤ YouTube Jaan&Arya ✌ Like us on Facebook ♬ Download on iTunes: © Follow us on SoundCloud: ✦ Subscribe to our VEVO ❂ Follow us on Twitter Ⓖ Jaan Arya Google+ ✍ Bookings ✉ PR / Fans New Hindi Songs 2017 - HD Video | New Songs | Hindi Songs | Hindi HD Songs 2017 - New Bollywood songs - New hindi pop music video Latest hindi Music Video, Love

By Deepak Sharma
Sony A7sii, FJ 8563 RL
Life in Letters – Circles and Lines

Lost and disorientated – but living in the moment.

By James Baker
GH4, KD P400 Ptra

A wiggle-stereoscopy music video that follows a girl after the traumatic loss of her sister in a drowning accident, in which she must cope with the loss as well as a new fear of water through vivid nightmares and isolation. Parallax has made its way through 7 film festivals, and it screened in a film showcase.

By Bryce
Osmo, FJ Prov 100
Kenya Dreaming: Unsteady Heroes

The Short Music Video covers a small NGO that heads deep into Maasai Country to offer medical aid. After 5 years of working with the community of Endonyolasho and a local Kenyan NGO Girl Child Network, Last year they put in the first medical aid Clinic in an area that will serve up to 2,000 Maasai Men, Women and Children. This follows the continuing of that partnership and further steps to get the clinic up and running with water and further ridding the local population of a dangerous scabies outbreak.

By Frederick James Koch
BMPCC, KD 5207 Vis3
Saint Agnes - Sister Electric - FilmConvert Competition

This video is based on a single camera footage I did, watching Saint Agnes live at the Finsbury Pub in London. The rough clips were so inspiring, I decided to edit a videoclip for the band's latest single 'Sister Electric'. The video contains footage from different songs, also still captures, my brother did during the gig and some graphic art I found on the band's website. The main goal was to edit it like a multi camera videoclip, however it was recorded by one camera so you might notice some differences. I've put as much psychedelic 'trash' style including the FilmConvert film stock LUTs as I could to be loyal to a killer psychedelic rock band! I was not able to attach the following link to this submission form, please see below a higher quality version:

By Istvan Paul
Red Scarlet Dragon, FJ Velvia 100

By Joshua Wilkinson